Home ownership is a lot of work – there’s always something that needs to be repaired, cleaned, or updated. It can be tough to keep up with it all. If you’re looking for ways to make your home life a little easier, these 10 tips will help you make your entire home as low maintenance as possible.

  • Keep up with routine maintenance

This may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping up with routine maintenance tasks can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Things like changing your furnace filter regularly, cleaning your gutters and winterising your home will help prevent bigger problems down the road.

  • Don’t wait to repair things

As soon as you notice something needs to be repaired, take care of it right away. Ignoring small problems can often lead to much bigger (and more expensive) issues later on.

  • Do regular deep cleanings

Schedule time for regular deep cleanings so that you’re not constantly playing catch-up. Deep cleanings are also a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. This will help reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do going forward.

  • Simplify your decorating style

A home with too many knick-knacks and other decorations is going to be harder to keep clean than a more simplified space. It’s also worth considering how easy it will be to keep furniture and carpets clean when choosing your decorating style. 

  • Choose low-maintenance plants and landscaping features

When it comes to your yard, why not build a low maintenance garden? You can choose low-maintenance plants and landscaping features whenever possible, and install an irrigation system so you won’t have to spend as much time watering everything by hand. Also, consider hiring a lawn care service to take care of mowing and other lawn maintenance tasks for you.

  • Get rid of pet hair quickly and efficiently with the right tools

If you have pets, shedding is inevitable. However, there are some things you can do to minimise the amount of pet hair in your home. Regular grooming sessions will help cut down on the amount of hair your pets shed. You can also invest in a good vacuum cleaner with powerful suction and special attachments for picking up pet hair.

  • Invest in quality products that will save you time and money in the long run

When it comes to cleaning supplies and appliances, it’s worth investing in quality products that will save you time and money down the line. Look for items that are durable, efficient, and easy to use – you’ll be glad you made the investment when it comes time to clean your home!

  • Delegate tasks

If you live with roommates or family members, delegate tasks so that everyone is pitching in and helping out around the house – this will lighten your load and make it easier for everyone to keep the place tidy.

  • Automate as many tasks as possible

There are a lot of things you can automate nowadays – consider investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner or mop, for example. You can also set timers for lights, and there are even toilets that flush automatically now. Automating as many tasks as possible will help save you time and energy. Get inspired with the latest trends in home decor on Homecreatives.

  • Hire professional cleaners

If all else fails, bring in the professionals! This is especially helpful if you have a large home or if someone in your household has allergies or respiratory problems. A professional cleaning service will be able to get your home sparkling clean in no time – plus, they’ll likely use products and techniques that are more effective than what you could do on your own.

These tips should help make your home low maintenance so you can enjoy your free time more! Do you have any additional tips? Share them with us in the comments!

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