Are you thinking of remodelling your bathroom? It is a good idea! A bathroom can give you the highest return on your investment of all remodelling projects you can do to your dwelling. However, you will have to shell out a significant amount of money if you want your bathroom to become your new in-home escape from your everyday life. That doesn’t mean bathroom remodelling costs you an arm and a leg. 

Simply changing your outdated bathroom vanity can even change the appearance of your bathroom and make it aesthetically pleasing like never before. Yes, you read it right! All you need to do is scan through the range of vanities for sale and find the most good-looking bathroom vanities that are suitable for your space and caters to your need. So if you wish to modify your bathroom without spending much money, it seems to be a good idea to invest in a bathroom vanity. 

But Wait! Wait! Beautifying your bathroom with stylish vanities will not be that easy either. Many different bath vanities are available in numerous designs, sizes, colours, and styles; making the right choice can be overwhelming. So to give you ease, here is a comprehensive guide on choosing bathroom vanities. Read on!

Consider who is going to use it and how

When choosing a bathroom vanity, you must consider who will use it and how. For example, when considering renovating your en suite bathroom for you and your partner, you would use the sink simultaneously, so a double sink would be a good choice. But a smaller sink can be better if you use it alone. Furthermore, if you prefer using a vanity while doing your makeup and hair, you would need a vanity with more counter space and storage to accommodate your belongings. 

Think about the placement of the vanity

Placement access is the next important thing to remember when choosing a bathroom vanity. And for the placement of your vanity, there are three critical aspects- firstly, it should not mess with your bathroom’s traffic flow or block your bathroom door or shower door swing. Secondly, you do not have to change your bathroom’s plumbing to install your new vanity. Thirdly, your electric switches should be available close to the vanity because nobody would appreciate an ultra-chic vanity if you have to stand elsewhere to use your hair dryer. Hence, it is worth checking with the bathroom designers, electricians and plumbers before settling on a design; otherwise, you may end up paying for unnecessary plumbing and electrical costs. 

Measure the size of vanity you may need

Another important thing that needs your attention is the size of the vanity. Before you step out looking for bathroom vanities or browse through countless online options, you need to measure the vanity size suitable for your space. The size of your bathroom will ultimately select everything, including the width, height, and depth of your vanity. If you have a small bathroom, you will need a small vanity; all double and large-size vanities will automatically exclude you from your choices. It is nonetheless to mention that the size of the vanity will be determined by the floor plan and the overall space available to you.

Choose the mounting style, material, and design

There are numerous options available to you to choose from vanities for sale. Three mounting types are freestanding, floating/ wall-mounted, and corner vanities. You get multiple options when selecting the material for your vanity and countertops; for example, you have ceramic, stone, glass, plastic, wood, metal, etc. Likewise, you get different styles of sinks- under-mount, drop-in, vessel, integrated; choose as per your specific requirements and preferences.

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