The manufacturing and designing process of nail polish boxes is always exciting. There are great styles to choose from, and at the same time, you can capitalize on the flexibility of these packages to come up with a newer design. The type or design of these packaging boxes holds the key to a business’s success, primarily dealing in nail polish products. It is the first thing that gets seen and noticed by the captive audience. Based on the outlook of the packages, customers tend to build some perceptions in their minds. For newbies in the packaging world, selecting appropriate box styles can be a daunting task for you. There is so much variety that it becomes difficult to choose the best one. That is why we have come up with five perfect packaging styles. 

Straight Tuck Nail Polish Boxes

Straight tuck polish boxes for nail paints are the most common in the cosmetic and beauty industry. They consist of two closure panels at the top and bottom and one central panel. Likewise, they comprise two tuck ends at the alternating ends and slit locks that lock the tucks in place. This locking mechanism preserves the inside items from damaging outside elements. These packaging boxes require zero assembling and are much more time-saving. You can use them for compact storage as You can quickly flatten them without compromising the overall quality. They are ideal for lightweight and medium-weight retail items, but you can use them for heavyweight products by reinforcing the packaging structure. Standard reinforcement options available for these packages include laminations, custom inserts, adhesives, etc. 

Auto-Lock Bottom Nail Polish Boxes

When buying nail polish wholesale packaging supplies, you are offered a range of different box styles. Auto-lock or 1-2-3 bottom packaging boxes are often the go-to choice of the retailers. These packaging styles have flaps pushed into each other. Thus, forming a sturdier base that is less prone to get damaged by the weight. That is why these packaging styles are typical for holding heavyweight beauty products. 

They have a closure at the very top paired with either the friction or slit locks. This perfect and seamless closure protects the nail polishes from harmful environmental stressors like moisture, humidity, UV light, etc. It provides ultimate ease of use to potential clients who are always looking for a seamless user experience. The packaging boxes are unbelievably light in weight, making the product carrying process hassle-free for the target audience. They are available in all sizes, and one can print them with as many brand or product details as required. 

Packaging Box With Window Cutouts

nail polish box with custom window cutouts is another good choice for packaging lightweight and heavier products. It is famous as transparent packaging because of its see-through feature. The window cutouts are translucent, which allows the captive audience to preview the nail polishes within the packaging without any interference. With this box style, you do not need to print lengthy product details. The customers can themselves assess the properties and features of the nail polishes by having a natural look. 

There is no limitation on the placement of these cutouts in the packaging design. You can make precise die-cuts on any part of the box, but it is favorable to place them on the front-facing side. This is because the potential clients usually see the front part of the box when exploring the retail shelves. Another specialty is that you can keep altering the shape of the window cutouts to promote the seasonal sales of your items. 

Sleeve And Slider Packages

In today’s modern world, people tend to record the product unboxing in pictures and videos. Not just that, the customers share this content on digital media that can make or break your business. Recently, the brands have realized the significance of this experience for the customers. And, they are putting all of their emphasis on the packaging design and style to make sure customers share positive words of mouth. 

Sleeve and slider is the best style of nail polish packages that carry the utmost importance for elevating the unboxing experiences of the captive audience. These packaging boxes consist of a slider that slides effortlessly into the sleeve to form a special slide-to-unveil occasion. To increase the appeal further, one can think of personalizing the interior with tissue papers and custom inserts. These minor additions relay a brand’s commitment to delivering quality nail polish products to the target audience. 

One-Piece Tuck Top Boxes

This specific type of nail polish package comes up with a double-wall structure. This structure is specifically made from the sturdy paperboard, due to which the boxes offer unbeatable protection to the items within. One-piece tuck top packages have one opening at the top and two closing flaps that fold into the bottom of the packages to form a friction lock. You can fit in a wide range of products without worrying about the protection. Many businesses use these packaging boxes to display multiple items with a sophisticated touch. The texture of these packages is smooth and printable, which lets you ramp up the exterior or apparent look of your items on the shelf. Abundant finishing options are also there to help you give your products n exclusive look they deserve. 

It is not easy to find and select an appropriate style for nail polish boxes as you have to look at various factors at a single time. While the possibilities for the style of these packages are endless, the designs mentioned above are trending in the market right now. Having a go at one of these box styles is an excellent stratagem that pledges to bring far better customer attraction and retention results. If you want to get more exclusive, you can also curate your packaging style. But, remember that it should be congruent with the overall theme of your brand to get improved business results.

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