What is car scrapping? How much can you get as a scrap premium. And can you get your scrap premium increase?

What is the scrap premium for scrapping a car?

When your car is no longer suitable for driving. It is your responsibility as the car’s owner to ensure that the car is scrap. When scrapping a car, you can typically get a scrap premium pay. Which is a form of compensation for the car.

The scrap premium is tax-free and aims to help you choose to hand in the car to an environmentally approved scrapper.

If you need to finance the purchase of a new car after scrapping, you can advantageously compare different loan offers, so you are sure to get the cheapest car loan.

What will you get in the scrap premium in 2022?

If your car meets the requirements for the scrap premium. You can have the premium pay out when the car is scrap. The scrap premium follows a fix rate of DKK 2,200.

The Skrotpræmie is the same for everyone, no matter what kind of car you have. So it does not matter for the payment of the scrap premium whether you have a petrol car or diesel car, as well as what type or brand the car is.

However, this is with the exception of some diesel cars, which for a limited period have the opportunity to receive an increased scrap premium.

Increased scrap premium for diesel car

From 6 April 2021, a pool was opened for increased scrapping allowance for scrapping diesel cars.

If you have a diesel car that was registered for the first time before 2006, you could therefore receive an increased scrap premium of DKK 5,000 by shoveling the car. 100 million had been set aside in the pool, which corresponds to scrapping allowance for approx. 35,000 cars.

The increased scrapping premium expired on 31 December 2021, and the scheme operated on a first-come, first-served basis.

When should the car be scrapped?

It is mandatory for you to have a car inspected so that the car can drive on Danish roads. If your car is not approved at an inspection, you must therefore not drive in it.

However, there are no rules for when a car should be scrapped. It is therefore up to the car owner to assess when the car should be sent for scrap.

Typically, a car will be scrapped when:

  • It cannot be approved at a car inspection.
  • It does not pay to repair it.

It is a matter of judgment when it can no longer pay to repair a car. Often it is in cases where the car is completely damaged, and where a repair of the car will therefore cost more than 65 percent of the value of the car.

When assessing whether it pays to repair the car, you should also take into account the age of the car and how many kilometers the car has driven.

How to scrap a car?

Whether you have a petrol or diesel car. There are a number of conditions that the car must live up to in order. For you to be pay the scrap premium for your scrap car:

  • You must be register as the car’s latest owner.
  • The car must be register after 1 July 2000.
  • The car must weigh less than 3,500 kg and must be able to carry a maximum of 9 people.

Before the car can be send for scrapping. it must also be deregister in the Motor Register. Just as it must be hand in to a scrapper. Who is approve by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

If you have not deregistered the car, an approved car wrecker with access to the Motor Register can carry out the deregistration. Often, however, the scrapper will charge a fee for deregistering the car, which means that it can affect the scrap price if you do not deregister the vehicle yourself.

If the car cannot start, or you are not able to hand in the car yourself, some scrapers offer to pick up the car for you at no extra charge. However, you should inquire about this before choosing scrap metal, as the fee for picking up the car also affects the final scrap price.


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