Loading cargo on the roof of your vehicle might be the best option if you need extra space for passengers or need to carry extra gear for activities like skiing, biking, and camping that don’t fit in your vehicle.  


With a rigid rooftop cargo carrier, you can load extra stuff in an effective and versatile manner, depending on the weight limit of your car. Not to mention all the benefits you’ll have for installing one. 


And with that, here are five of the best roof rack baskets you can consider. 

Mockins Steel Cargo Basket 

The heavy-duty steel Cargo Basket by Mockins includes: 

  • A waterproof Cargo Bag 
  • Two ratchet straps 
  • A cargo net 
  • A trailer hitch stabilizer 

You can stack it with up to 500 pounds of cargo, such as luggage, camping gear, or construction materials. 

roof rack


In addition to the easy-to-clean mesh floor, the hitch storage rack can also be used as a tailgate rack or on camping road trips. It features a spacious cargo basket that is 60″ long, 20″ wide, and 6″ high, with multiple tie-down points for easy access.   

Also included is a hitch hauler with a 2″ rise for higher ground clearance and a foldable basket trailer.  

 You can use it in any car, SUV, truck, or van with a 2″ receiver tube. However, vehicles with tires on the back are not compatible with this cargo carrier, as the side swing doors cannot be opened. 


TITIMO Folding Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier 

The TITIMO trailer hitch cargo carrier has a durable design and is made from heavy-duty steel tubing to provide a high level of strength with lightweight mesh construction. In addition to an E-coat and carbide black powder coat finish for long-term corrosion resistance, it has a capacity of close to 550 pounds. 

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The cargo basket has a 6-inch high wall and a mesh bottom to keep your belongings safe while traveling. Its dimensions are 60 “L x 21” W x 6 “H, and it is equipped with reflectors to ensure a safe ride while using this hitch cargo rack. 


A folding shank on this hitch cargo carrier allows it to be folded up when not in use, regardless of whether your vehicle has a spare tire. It works great with any car with a 2-inch receiver, including cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. 


Yakima LoadWarrior Rooftop Cargo Basket 

The Yakima LoadWarrior fits most crossbars, allowing you to be ready for any adventure. Most Yakima gear mounts are compatible with it, and thanks to its steel construction, this roof rack basket can support as much weight as your crossbars can bear. The carrier measures 44 “L x 39 “W x 6.5 “H and has plenty of room for bulky gear. For use, crossbars need to span a distance of 24 to 32 inches.  

roof racks


Some adjustments will be necessary during installation, but it should take around 30 minutes. These universal mounts are compatible with most crossbars across a wide range of vehicles. The roof rack can carry luggage, kayaks, skis, and spare tires.  


Rhino-Rack XTray Roof Cargo Basket 

Although it has a slim profile, the Rhino-Rack XTray Roof Cargo Basket can carry 165 pounds. Most other cargo baskets have a standard weight limit of 150 pounds. It requires crossbars, but you can use it with many popular crossbar brands.  

These unique rails from Rhino-Rack go beyond appearances. They provide extra protection when traveling on winding, rough roads. It’s ideal for off-road use and can hold your camping equipment and luggage for extended weekend getaways. 


This roof basket is a sturdy option to take on your next adventure with its steel construction. Even in the rain, you can travel without worry since the black powder coating protects against the elements. 


MaxxHaul Steel Roof Rack 

This MaxxHaul 70115 Roof Rack measures 46 inches by 36 inches by 4.5 inches and fits most SUVs, crossovers, and sedans. As per its manufacturer, it is compatible with crossbars ranging from .60″ to 1.5″ thick. It can be mounted on stock and aftermarket bars. 


Installing the unit is quick and easy since all the mounting hardware is included. The U-bolt mounting system allows for faster installation so that you can get on the road faster. The sturdy steel frame ensures cargo is safe while driving.  


Weights of up to 150 pounds can be transported evenly, such as a large cargo bag or multiple luggage sets for your family. 


Like its hitch mount cargo carrier, the roof rack is powder-coated to prevent corrosion. You’ll even find a rubber gasket to guard against internal corrosion. Despite these measures, however, they may not provide total protection.  



Although some rack systems can only be used for specific items, such as skis, boats, or bikes, hard-sided roof boxes can be attached to virtually any roof with factory or aftermarket crossbars.  


Platform racks and roof baskets can also transport items, but they aren’t enclosed and are subject to weather damage.  




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