Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee is a popular LLC creation service for several reasons. This supplier has helped many businesses create their LLCs from scratch, but is it worth it? Is their service the finest available, or is there a better option?

In this ZenBusiness review, we examine the product in detail and compare it to other major services.

A Brief History Of Zen Business

Zen Company offers LLC creation for present and future business owners. Founded in 2015, this Texas-based firm has helped hundreds of US businesses create their own LLCs.

They provide registered agent services, CPA evaluations, EIN acquisition, compliance assurance, and even website creation. Zen Business has three plans: Starter, Pro, and Premium.

Zen Business provides some of the most affordable LLC creation products. Regardless, you receive a free year of registered agent services.


You may pick from Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee three bundles, based on the services and features you want:

  • Standard Filing Speed, Registered Agent Service, Operating Agreement, and 100% Accuracy Guarantee ($49/year)
  • Pro ($179/year) (most popular)
  • A 100% Accuracy Guarantee and Expedite Filing Speed are included with Zenbusiness Promo Code.
  • Business Domain Name, Business Website, Business Email Address, and 100% Accuracy Guarantee.

Registrar Service

Even the Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee beginning package includes a dependable registered agent service. For obvious reasons, affordable LLC creation service plans seldom include registered agent service. Only Incfile and a few other providers provide this.

ZenBusiness’s lowest subscription provides registered agent service, which ensures that all communication with the Secretary of State and other authorities is kept confidential.


Operating Accord

Every Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee package has an operating agreement. This is one of the essential requirements for forming an LLC, which includes ownership and member obligations.

Worry-Free Compliance

ZenBusiness LLC’s Pro and Premium programs offer a worry-free guarantee. It lets you know when to file your yearly LLC report and when to comply with state regulations.

Even if your firm misses a deadline or a statutory requirement, Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee pays the charges. Other service providers lack this functionality, making it one of Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee ‘ greatest offerings.


Optional Formation Speed

Depending on your Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee package, you may be eligible for faster processing timeframes, excluding state filing periods.


Processing time for the Starter Package is 2–3 weeks, which is plenty for most people. 5–8 business days for Pro and 2–4 business days for Premium.

With these options, businesses may choose the solution that best suits their requirements, whether they want to wait or create an LLC right now. Others provide same-day processing (read Northwest Registered Agent reviews).

Employer ID (EIN)

The EIN is your company’s social security number. It’s basically your ID, used to recruit staff or create bank accounts.

The Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee Pro and Premium subscriptions will get you an EIN and email it to you. It saves you the trouble of procuring one yourself, and it’s another item off your LLC to-do list.


Dba Name Setup

If you wish to conduct your business under a different name than your legal name, you’ll use your DBA name. DBA (doing business as) is an extra-legal business name that you may use.

A DBA is difficult to get in the US. ZenBusiness offers a DBA Name Registration service that complies with your state’s standards. This solution eliminates the need to acquire a DBA name on your own.



Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee Pro includes a financial resolution. It’s required to establish a bank account and sign it.

A financial resolution keeps a detailed record of every business decision. It also proves to financial institutions that only an authorized individual is representing your organization.



The state needs yearly reports from firms to verify they are following state regulations. Failure to complete yearly reports as an LLC may result in heavy penalties and even license revocation.

To avoid this, ZenBusiness can submit your yearly reports for you. You’re always in excellent standing.


Buying A Domain Name

An internet presence is vital for company growth. Having a website establishes credibility with clients, and Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee will help you get a domain name.

This eliminates the need to reserve your own domain name or hire a web developer to generate one for you. If you want to establish a website in the future, ZenBusiness can assist you with the first stages.


Name Privacy

When you register a domain name, you run the danger of having your information publicized. After all, your personal information is maintained on a public database called WHOIS.

Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee offers a domain name privacy solution that replaces your WHOIS information with a forwarding service. As a consequence, your company’s information is obscured.

Today’s companies must have an internet presence. ZenBusiness can design your website for you, saving you money on other services.


Business Email

Aside from communication and marketing, a business email address adds to your company’s reputation.


Publication NY

Section 206 of the New York State Limited Liability Company Law should be kept in mind.

To incorporate an LLC or register an out-of-state LLC to conduct business in New York, you must post the notice in two newspapers. The newspapers must be in the same county as the LLC’s “office.”

Your Affidavit of Publication and Certificate of Publication will be sent to the New York Division of Corporations. Then you may lawfully operate in NY.

While not specifically included in their LLC creation packages, Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee may assist with New York Publication. I called customer support about this and they were really helpful.


Amending Form

Aside from the yearly reports, ZenBusiness offers two free modifications every year as part of its “Worry-Free Guarantee”.

Of course, companies change, if you intend to make any changes, Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee makes it easy.


Status Certificate

The state issues this certification to show that your Zenbusiness 100% Accuracy Guarantee LLC is compliant with all laws and regulations. A good standing certificate will aid your organization in many ways.

This document may be use for renewing permits, executing significant deals, or collaborating with investors. So it’s good to have when a key occasion arises.

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