Technology has tremendously helped mankind with its inventions, innovations and services. With the world getting digitized in everything, booking yourself for a health inspection on a digital platform is not big of a surprise. 

Such is the case with services provided by Aegislabs Patient Portal. Patient Portal Aegislabs is an online service provider in the healthcare department. Whether it be your test reports or you want to get tested for some health issue from the comfort of your home, Aegislabs is there to help you. 

What is Aegislabs Patient Portal? 

aegislabs patient portal


Patient Portal Aegislabs can simply be called an online medical facility, which helps patients in the US and also around the world to keep track of their test reports and get the best services regarding their health care issues. 

They provide virtual assistance with almost every clinical problem online. They welcome their patients and clients with great support and outstanding assistance through which the patient can feel a bit better already.  

The aim of Aegislabs Patient Portal is to provide top quality treatment by their highly skilled staff members. The committed staff members are always ready to serve their patients in a patient-centered online care facility. 

How Does the Patient Portal Aegislab work? 

Aegislabs provides an online platform where you can post your query and the skilled professional staff working at the patient portal will try to help you in the best possible way. To post your query or question you can either call on the provided on their website or you can send your inquiries by email to this ‘’ email id. 

Another way to contact is to develop a contact through the patient portal by signing up on the website. By signing up on the website you will get to the page of your personal dashboard where you can post your queries to be answered by professional staff members at Aegislabs. You can also keep track and record your test result on the dashboard tab. 

The dashboard on the Patient Portal Aegislabs will help you find everything quickly, it keeps the track record for the last 30 days. You can view, download or read files present on the dashboard for the past 30 days. The dashboard of Aegislabs also has the option to sort the reports and files present according to the date collected, case number, ID and laboratory number. 

How to Log into Aegislabs Patient Portal?

aegislabs patient portal


If you want to log in to the patient portal, then the step mentioned below is going to help you. Let us have a look at the process as below:

  • If you are a customer of Aegislabs, then by providing the username and password, you will be able to log in to the portal.
  • If you have done Covid-19 testing from Aegis Lab, you will download your Covid-19 report by providing a registration number.
  • Following these steps, one will be able to login to the Patient portal.aegislabs. com and get reports quickly.

Services of Aegislabs Patient Portal

The services of Aegislabs Patient Portal is designed specially to serve the patients in a better way. The team behind the online healthcare service provider is dedicated to focus on the matters that can help patients in the rime of need.

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Some of the claims of Aegislabs Patient Portal states that:

  • The healthcare service is devised for the requirements of the healthcare specialization in mental and behavioral health, pain management, chronic and prenatal disease management.
  • The online healthcare service providers also offer anti-doping and forensic examination.
  • It also helps with the college and university athletic performances which are organized and reported under the licensed study of Aegislabs.

Aegislabs in The Covid-19 Pandemic 

As with the recent pandemic of Covid-19, our lives have extensively changed and we are virtually now more dependent on online services. This also goes for the facility Aegislabs provides. As people were avoiding unnecessary social contact and outdoor visits, the online health inspection and individual test sample collection were very convenient.  

Aegislabs started providing a home-based test for Covid-19 by the mid of last year. It helped thousands of people who were not physically able to come to a medical facility themselves, Aegislabs provided them with Covid-10 tests at their home.  

This service also, in turn, helped with containing the spread of the infection by confining the patients in their homes and not requiring them to visit the medical facilities themselves, which could have caused the potential spread of the disease. 

The level of consideration and dedication of the staff at Aegislabs is that whenever they got called for a potential Covid-19 patient, besides testing them for covid-19 they also tested the patient for influenza virus A and B. Respiratory specimens are collected via nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, nasal middle-turbinate or anterior nares from individuals suspected of respiratory viral infection consistent with COVID-19.   

 This is done because influenza and covid-19 can both have similar respiratory symptoms and lung damage can be found in both the cases. Influenza if not controlled timely can also cause high-risk factors in curing the health issues. 

The Perception of Patients Regarding Aegislabs Patient Portal

To evaluate the success and ability of any firm, it is very important to analyze the perception of the user of that facility. To know about Aegislabs further, it is important that we record the perception of patients that have been associated with the portal.

The reviews about this patient portal are from both ends, which means some are positive and some may talk in a negative light. What some of the reviews about Aegislabs Patient portal stated, are mentioned below:

  • Some of the patients talked about the staff members of the patient portal and said that they are highly professionally skilled.
  • The staff members are humble and polite towards the patients.
  • Some of the patients were amazed to share their experience when the staff members replied to their emergency emails, even in the off-hours.
  • While there are many good reviews about the patient portal, there are some bad reviews as well, which stated that the services of the Aegislabs patient portal are very expensive.
  • Some reviews even say that the service providers are hungry for money.

Upon further look into the perception of patients, we came to know that the patient portal has a little above average rating of 3 to 3.5 stars.


Aegislabs Sciences corporation along with its other facilities like Aegislabs Patient Portal is the leading healthcare company that provides innovative solutions when it comes to medical assistance. The services that Aegislabs provides are in the best interest of their patients and clients. 

Patient Portal Aegislabs helps thousands of patients worldwide online with the quickest and safest test results of their health-related issues.

In a patient portal, the patient is provided with an account and a dashboard for the ID, where the patient can keep records of their past tests and the medical assistance they required. The patient portal platform is very convenient and tends to take care of their patients virtually. 

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