The Andaman and Nicobar Islands resemble a string of beads strung together in the Bay of Bengal, as though plucked from a dream set. It is surrounded by the stunning and mesmerizing North and South Andaman Islands and extends south to the Nicobar group of islands. This enchanting country, comprised of around 556 islands, is home to some astonishing hidden jewels that are far off from the normal tourist sites.

Have faith in us! There are other of them that are equally, if not more, attractive and picturesque than the more well-known Havelock and Neil Islands.

Our voyage to the islands was supposed to be unique and perhaps risky. It was a solitary backpacking trip, the weather was inclement, and we can honestly state that there was never a moment when we regretted being alone. From any city, you may simply fly to Andaman’s through Chennai or Kolkata (which is usually a two hours journey). International travelers and tourists, on the other hand, would require a permit to access the islands, which may be easily obtained upon arrival from the authorities.

Thus, here is our ideal itinerary for you to dive into the Andaman’s’ deep blue waters and unspoiled islands and go on your journey.

Guitar Island & Long Island

Except for a few boats patrolling and circumnavigating it for fishing, it is uninhabited by humans. You have the entire beach to yourself, with only you, the sand, and the sea. We pondered where else on earth we might find such a location. But why this moniker, we inquired inquisitively. “Its aerial perspective resembles a guitar, therefore the name,” explains the forest department employee who escorted with our experts of Andaman adventure Packages to the island.

These officials risked their lives in the monsoons to bring with our experts of Andaman adventure Packages here to experience its awe-inspiring splendor. Guitar Island, located off the coast of Long Island, has scenic and exotic air that exudes a mysterious allure. Once you’re here, you should visit another wonderful beach – Lalaji Bay Beach – which is ideal for beachcombing, swimming, and nature photography. It is located on Long Island’s northeast shore and is accessible only by country boat (a 45-minute journey from the Long Island jetty). You may access Long Island from Port Blair by boarding one of the Andaman & Nicobar Administration’s ships.

We ordered a dinghy (country boat) for the short journey to Guitar Island. After a quick 15-minute journey, our boat docked on the beach, and we stepped out to leave our mark on the remote and incredibly calm beach. Numerous water critters, sand crabs, hermit crabs, and shells came through to the shore, which we quickly photographed with our lens. To picture them, one must be lightning fast. They vanish in the flash of an eye, submerged under their sandy pits.

Rangat in the Andaman Islands

We took a boat excursion from Long Island (departure at 7 a.m.) to Yerrata Creek near Rangat, passing through some of the most gorgeous, tranquil, and pure mangrove creeks in the world. our car was waiting for with our experts of Andaman Budget Tour packages on the opposite side (Yerrata Creek at Rangat) to pick with our experts of Andaman adventure Packages up for the remainder of our journey .we stopped for breakfast on the way in Rangat (this is a lively area with local shops and eateries). The Andaman Tourism agency has its own guest house, Hawksbill Nest, which offers pleasant lodging together with local specialties (fish, prawns, and crabs, depending on availability) and we continued our journey.

Rangat is endowed with several exceptional eco-tourism destinations, including Aamkunj Beach, Morice Dera Beach, and the Dhani Nallah Mangrove Walkway. On our journey, we stopped at Aamkunj beach (8 kilometers from Rangat), a long, sandy, patchy expanse punctuated by rocks. You may either enjoy the view of the sea or relax quietly for a while on one of the eco-friendly seats, which include log couches and log teapots. Following that came Morice Dera beach (12 kilometers from Rangat).

North Andaman Islands, Ross, and Smith

These are the fundamental essentials, as the two islands have not yet established themselves as prominent tourist destination on the national and international tourism circuits. The west side of Ross and Smith Islands was severely windy, and the east side was shockingly calm and quiet. This was rather unusual. As if it were a swimming pool, the eastern side of the lake was calm and serene. If you want to swim on the beaches while you’re here, get guidance from forest rangers and tourist officials.

The islands of Ross and Smith are ideal places to take in the morning, go beachcombing, and soak up the sun. During low tide, you may practically walk over the beach between the two islands. Swimming at the beach might be dangerous if you don’t take adequate precautions and advice from the tourist and forest authority.

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