At Ability Support Plus, we strive to be the finest in the areas of disability care. We are registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers and can support you in organising, monitoring and executing your NDIS services most efficiently and productively, based on your requirements in Disability Support in Hoppers Crossing.

But, as an NDIS service provider, we are frequently swamped with inquiries. Some of the most widely asked questions are, “How is NDIS different from Disability Support Pension?”, “How does NDIS impact Disability Support Pension?” and whether you’ll be able to get support from both areas.

The best part is that some people may be eligible to receive support from both the NDIS and Disability Support in Hoppers Crossing. However, there are strict qualifying standards that you need to meet to receive funds from both areas.

This blog will attempt to answer the above questions and provide some light on the subject. We believe that we might help our customers by clarifying some confusion about the NDIS and Disability Support Pension and how you may still obtain NDIS services if you are receiving the Disability Support Pension.

What Do You Mean by NDIS and Disability Support in Hoppers Crossing?


  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme (also known as the NDIS) offers funds to support Australians with lifelong and severe disabilities every year.
  • These funds allow disabled people to connect with community services and Registered NDIS Providers like doctors, group counselling, educational authorities, etc.
  • To be eligible for NDIS assistance, you must be between the ages of 7 and 65 and match the criteria listed on the NDIS website.
  • Disabled people can use the NDIS funds for appropriate and prudent support.
  • The NDIS registered providers have made it easier for people to receive disability support services. It gives people with disabilities more choice and control over when, where, and how they obtain the help they require.
  • The NDIS has improved access to and funding of disability services. If you are eligible for both, you can use the NDIS funds in addition to the DSP.

The Disability Support Pension:

  • The Disability Support Pension provides financial assistance to people who cannot work due to a long-term illness or injury. This pension can encompass physical, mental, and psychological issues.
  • The Disability Support Pension in Hoppers Crossing may be available to residents of the working population who cannot work for at least fifteen hours per week for the next two years.
  • Services Australia, also known as Centrelink, provides such pensions. The NDIS participants must complete specific non-medical and medical requirements and file an appeal before receiving assistance.
  • People in Hoppers Crossing that qualify for DSP include:
  • People between the age of 16 and 65 years.
  • Have fulfilled all DSP residency requirements, both medical and non-medical.

How Does NDIS Differ from Disability Support Pension?

You can only use the NDIS’s funding for disability-related services, including paying NDIS providers’ invoicing, unlike Disability Support Pension that covers the participant’s day-to-day living expenditures, such as meals, housing, and payments.

Is it Possible to Get NDIS and Disability Support Pension Funding at the Same Time?

Yes! You are allowed to receive an NDIS program while also using the Disability Support Pension. Acquiring one does not affect the other because they are two different financing systems controlled by two business units.

However, it also implies that just because you qualify for one doesn’t mean you’ll always receive the other. You must meet the National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) and Services Australia’s qualifying requirements for the NDIS.

I’ve Completed an Access Request Form, But I’d Like Some Assistance in Preparing for an NDIS Planning Meeting. Is There Any Support in Place?

Members in an NDIS planning meeting must carry a range of evidence about themselves, their condition, and the kind of assistance they’re already getting. Naturally, gathering this data can be challenging. Thankfully, a registered NDIS provider, such as ABILITY SUPPORT PLUS, can assist you in preparing for this planning session and connecting with the NDIA your NDIS plan’s goals and needs.

What Can I Do if I’m Unable to Complete the Disability Support Pension Enrollment Process?

If you can’t lodge a request for the Disability Support Pension yourself, you can ask someone to engage with Services Australia in your name. This authenticated user has the authority to investigate, modify, respond, and receive funds on your behalf.

Overall, it is difficult to understand how the NDIS differs from Disability Support Pension regarding  funding. Although both assist people living with an impairment or other medical issues, they still have distinct goals and performance standards.

We at ABILITY SUPPORT PLUS are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the NDIS or the Disability Support Pension. Our NDIS Plan Managers are courteous and knowledgeable about how you can get the most out of your funds. Contact our team to receive help implementing your NDIS plan and support management or learn more about the NDIS and support services.

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