Rose is the most preferred flower on all occasions. It represents unconditional love. Every colour of the rose symbolizes different emotions which makes it the most versatile flower. Whether it is expressing love to your partner or sending a bouquet to congratulate your friend you can never go wrong with roses. Just pick the right colour and you are good to go.

Mother’s day is approaching and what’s better than to express love to your mom with roses. Our mothers sacrifice their life, career and dreams to give us a better life. She deserves love and appreciation more than anyone in our life. Roses are the perfect flower to show our love to our moms. You can also spice things up by giving her a preserved rose necklace, which will be an excellent gift for your mother.

Among the variety of options available in the colours of roses, it might be difficult to pick one. But we have made it easier for you. We have briefly discussed here the qualities and symbols of each colour of rose to make it easier for you to pick. So check the list to find the perfect rose for your mom.

Red Roses-

Nothing can replace the charm of red roses. They are the symbol of passionate and unconditional love. You can give this to your sensational mom. If your wife is the hottest and most sensational mom then pick a bouquet of red roses for her. Let her know that she is exceptional. 

Pink roses-

Pink is a subtle colour that represents strength and feminine energy. Pink roses are perfect for your mom who is the superhero in your life. She is always there for you and fulfils all your needs. Pink roses symbolize admiration. It is perfect for your hero mom who is available for you all the time. You can order these roses online also. You can send mothers day flowers to India via online delivery services.

Yellow roses-

Yellow is the most vibrant colour that represents sunshine. After cloudy days when sunshine gives so much peace of mind. If your mom is your sunshine and is always ready to remove the clouds from your life then you can give her yellow roses. If your mom is inspirational and the brightest star in your life then yellow will perfectly suit her. Yellow represents cheerfulness and positivity in life.

Orange roses-

If your mom is adventurous and never afraid to take risks then you can undoubtedly pick orange roses for her. Orange symbolizes energy and enthusiasm. If you see your mom always filled with energy and enthusiasm at every point of life then give her orange roses to add more power to her life.

Peach roses-

If your mom works late at night to make sure you get everything right in the morning, then her efforts need to be appreciated. This colour represents appreciation which our moms deserve the most. You can express your gratitude and appreciation towards her with a bouquet of peach roses.

Green roses-

Green is the colour of freshness and new vibes. Green roses are perfect for the mom who prefers everything organic from food to vegetables to skincare. If your mom feels fresh and energetic all the while then give her a bouquet of fresh green roses. Green represents nature and earth. 

White roses-

White is the colour of purity and strength. Our moms are our biggest strength and their love is the most pious one. No one ever could love you like your mom. To express your love you can get a bouquet of white roses for her.

Mix bouquet-

If you think your mom is a perfect blend of all the colours then you can get your mom a bouquet of customized roses for her. You can get all the colours of the roses arranged intricately in one bouquet and give it to her as a mothers day gift. These days you can send flowers to India via online delivery services.

I hope this ultimate colour guide will help you pick the perfect rose for your mom according to her personality. Also, don’t forget to accompany a handwritten note with the bouquet to add a personalized touch. Also, make sure to wish your mom and give her a tight hug.

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