White-Label Multi Delivery App Solution is a Tech Celebrity! This Gojek Clone App offers more than 70 On-Demand Life-Enriching Services to its Users – All through its Online Platform. It has now been enriched with Covid-Safety Features to win back the trust of the Bewildered Customers who are in a Complete State of Shock because of this Fast-Mutating Air Borne Virus.


The Demand for this Super App has gone through the roof because it has now become a Lifestyle Trend. Before the Outbreak of this Highly-Contagious Novel Coronavirus, People loved to walk up to their Nearest Supermarkets to Buy Organic Vegetables and Fruits, Eggs, Milk, Wheat-Flour, Brown Rice, Sugar, 1 Pound of Chicken Breasts and 3 Pounds of Ribeye Steak!

Having Breathing Problems? Family Members would rush the Asthmatic Patient to their Family Doctor which lives in the Outskirts of the City! High-School Sweethearts are getting Married in Fiji Islands by the Beach with at least 1000 Guests in Attendance!


Central Governments around the Globe had Imposed Stricter Restrictions to Maintain Social Distancing in Public Places! This was Simply to Break the Transmission Cycle of the Covid-19 Virus. People were cooped up inside their Homes to Stay Safe and Alive. And this is when a New Trend Emerged – Doorstep Delivery of Everything at Lightning Speed! And Gojek Clone Script was the Ideal Candidate for that!

Golden Retrievers were getting Restless with Each Passing Day being Locked up inside. They love long walks by the Californian Beach but with Public Places being Shut, what would happen to them? Professional Dog Walkers came to their Rescue! This could happen only when slowly Physical Limitations were Lifted Off but Mentally they were just not Ready to Go Back to the Pre-Covid Living Lifestyle!


Yes! Now Empower your Customers to Bargain Service Costs Directly with the On demand Handymen via the App. You’d ask me who all comes under this Category of Service Providers! 

Below, you could find the list of what are all the trendy services that could be offer via a new on-demand multi-services app in 2022.

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Home Cleaners
  • Sanitizing and Disinfecting Experts
  • Handyman Booking app
  • Roadside Assistance App
  • On Demand Laundry Service

Before Interested On-Demand Service Providers of your Customers’ Locality Start Placing their Bids, a Form has to be Filled Out First with the Following Details:-

  • Category of Service Requested
  • Service Location
  • Budget
  • Preferred Date and Time

The Customer has Two Leaky Pipes that need to be Fix. Upon Successful Registration with the User App of KINGX 2022 using one’s Facebook Profile, the Customer can Tap Into the Plumber Category.


This Super App will Deliver Envelopes, Flowers, Home Keys, Important Business Documents and even Cement Bags with Ease. Need to Brighten-Up BFF’s Mood, just hire a Beautician and Choose a Service Location to be the Best Friends’ Residential Address. Make an Online Payment for Paraffin Manicure and Acne-Reduction Facial. And then in No Time, the Beautician will be at the BFF’s Doorstep to Render Services.


Are you the Fifth-Generation of Entrepreneurs who wants to Carve a niche in the Society? Do you want to Make your Father proud by running a Profit-Making Business Venture? Then don’t wait any Longer and Contact the Sales Team of Gojek App Clone. Because with them, you can Go Live with your very own On Demand Multi Services App in a Maximum of Fourteen Days! Presently you have figured out how the on demand service industry functions, which are the smartest plans to launch in 2022, and what ought to be the top application highlights for you to integrate. We are here to help and guide you in the way forward.

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