How to Make Use of Instagram Stories to Enhance Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

You’re missing out if you’re not already using Instagram Stories in your marketing strategy.

Around 200 million+ Instagram users visit at the very least one account for business every day. In addition, 58 percent of Instagram users say they are more interested in a product or brand after viewing it featured in Stories. Additionally, half of them claim they’ve visited websites to purchase a service or product due to watching it on Stories visit: comprar seguidores instagram portugal

They’re pretty incredible numbers! Stories are a sticker, and if your company hasn’t jumped onto the bandwagon yet, it’s the right time to do so.

4 Step up Your Stories to the Next Level by using Sked

  • Instagram Stories A Quick Refresher
  • We don’t need to explain the meaning behind what Instagram Stories are.

While the initial format was introduced by Snapchat however, the “new function” quickly developed an identity of its own. Stories have become one of the top popular features of this social platform.

In the words of Instagram’s official website, “with Stories, you can post videos and photos that disappear from your feed, profile, and messages within 24 hours, except if you add these to your profile to show stories highlights.”

To enhance your Stories more interactive and enjoyable, It is possible to use exciting features such as hashtags, stickers, polls, gifs and polls music, link swipe-ups, and many more. Also, you can use filters to help bring your photos to life in the true Instagram style.

The Must-Know Details

While many people have heard of Instagram Stories, we may not be aware of everything you need to be mindful of when using Stories for marketing on social media.

How do you make Stories?

Click the plus icon in the Instagram application (next to that heart-shaped icon).

Click Camera if you would like to snap a picture or video. Keep the white circle in place to record a video, or press it once to take photos. To take a selfie, turn the camera upside down.

You can also choose the picture or video you have on your camera roll you wish to include in your Story.

You can include stickers or hashtags and other interactive options in your stories. More about this later.

The dimensions

Instagram’s dimensions for stories are 1080px by 2048px, i.e., your photo or video must have a width of 1080 pixels and 1920 pixels high. The aspect ratio for Stories is 9 to 16.

Remember these dimensions when you create your content. If you upload a photo or video that isn’t in these parameters, it will be cut in half or lose quality due to being too zoomed-in.


At the time of writing, the article uploaded to Stories can be as long as 15 seconds. If you upload or record videos more significant than 15 seconds long, they will be automatically split into several Stories. There have been reports that the company is testing videos up to 60 seconds long; however, this has not yet been released publicly.


The stickers come in the form of Instagram Stories features that allow users to create engaging content in their Stories (Around 200 million+ Instagram users visit at the very least one account for business every day. In addition, 58 percent of Instagram users say they are more interested in a product or brand after viewing it featured in Stories. Additionally, half of them claim they’ve visited websites to purchase a service or product due to watching it on Stories visit: comprar seguidores instagram) After you have uploaded your picture and video to Stories, tap the square smiley icon at the top of your screen to add the stickers you want to add to Stories. In addition, stickers can add to Instagram Reels.

Options for stickers include:

  • Location
  • Mention
  • Add Your Information
  • Hashtags
  • Captions
  • Question-based stickers
  • GIFs
  • Music
  • Links
  • Selfies
  • Emoji sliders, polls, or even Emojis
  • Quizzes
  • Donations
  • Countdowns
  • Weather and time
  • Hashtags

As you may already be aware that hashtags are a primary method to make sure you succeed in Instagram marketing. They can be helpful for Stories too. Once you’ve tagged your Stories with a hashtag, you’ll be able to click the tag to open an entire page of images and videos that people have posted with the hashtag.


If you decide to use Stories for marketing the Instagram account, you’ll also be able to access Instagram analytics which lets you analyze how your content marketing efforts are doing.

Instagram Insights lets you explore the information and comprehend how your Stories more effectively (within 14 days after posting).

While Instagram Insights are fantastic, they can be limited for companies who want to do more. Sked Social’s extensive analytics capabilities bring all your Instagram information into one central platform and provide the most critical insight! With Sked, you will have access to detailed analytics on your Story, including the number of impressions, reach and completion rates and taps back/forward, responses to exits, and much more!

Instagram Stories highlights

Highlights are a standard method to save Stories on a profile so that they can be seen after the initial period of 24 hours has been completed. Highlights of Stories appear under the bio of the Instagram profile.

To create your Instagram Stories highlight, tap the “New” circle to the left. You can then select any story from your collection, choose the cover to highlight, and give it a name. Tap and hold that highlight in your profile to change or delete the highlight.

As with any newly introduced feature, Instagram Stories have continued to develop since it launched. Although the basic concept (disappearing within one day) is the same as before, new features are being added to the mix.

One thing that is the same is that Stories remain the top popular format for content to ensure authenticity. They’ve always been a method to allow Instagram users to remove the layers, look beyond the perfect-curated image and present something more authentic.

This is also true for people and Instagram corporate accounts. 47percent of Instagram users reported that Instagram Stories could help them be more authentic when communicating with family and friends.

If you are a business wondering why your Stories are even relevant in the context of marketing via social media, authenticity is the reason! Stories allow your brand to show your true personality while connecting with your customers in a genuine, open way that they enjoy.

Alongside creating authentic connections with your intended customers making Stories an integral component in your marketing plan will also assist in:

Find more people

Each time you publish an update to your Story, the Instagram account will be displayed over those who follow you on your Instagram feed with a vibrantly colored ring. Sometimes, your followers will receive a notification whenever you create the new Story. It makes Stories more challenging to miss than the posts you post on Instagram. Instagram posts.

In turn, you’ll be able to reach more people through your Stories than with your posts. Furthermore, you can share many Stories in succession or at different times during the day. It will also increase your reach on Instagram. In reality, posting five stories a day can guarantee an average retention rate of 70%, as per a SocialInsiders study.


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