Flats selling at a low price seem attractive, but buyers often neglect the complications that may arise due to ignorance. While buying any Residential complex in Kolkata, it is essential to go through the legal papers and check the flat before proceeding with the payment.

Sales Deed

Completion Certificate

The Sale and Purchase Agreement

The Sale and Purchase Agreement contains a list of terms and conditions that are agreed to by both the buyer and the seller. An excellent example of this would be the negotiation for the price of the flat. The agreement would contain the agreed amount of the flat by both – the buyer and the seller.

Possession Letter

Make sure you take the possession letter from the real estate company in Kolkata you are dealing with. A possession letter sets a date that grants you the possession of the property. You will be required to produce an original copy of this document for acquiring a home loan.

Building Plan

Encumbrance Certificate

Mutation Certificate


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