How You Can Keep the Immunity System Strong During Chemotherapy

Cancer is one of the fastest-growing deadly diseases if not treated well can lead to death bed. There are many long-term treatments are there to fight against cancerous cells and one of the most common is chemotherapy. Undoubtedly, chemotherapy limit the growth of cancerous tumors in our bodies and kill the cells. But, this chemotherapy has so many adverse effects on your body. Some chemotherapies may weaken the immune system. And if our immune system deteriorates our body can’t withstand other diseases and illness that is caused by various bacteria and viruses. It leaves our body vulnerable to any infections. A cancer patient’s body already struggles with Cancer and if other diseases touch him or her the consequences will be severe. A cancer patient can consult with an Immunologist to guide him to revive his immunity. Even in everyone’s body, there are cancer-causing cells but that is in the dormant stage. Because our body’s immune system constantly fights with them as well as outside pathogens. And when these immunity systems get damaged due to some illness or habits we become vulnerable to many diseases even it is normal flu. In this article, we have mentioned some tips which are asserted by one of the intellectual and popular Immunologists in India Kanury Rao. A cancer patient must follow these steps before or after chemotherapies.

Due to his outstanding achievements in immunology, cell biology, and molecular biology domains he has been honored with various awards and also received Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award. Kanury headed the Immunology Group of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) for more than 20 years and is responsible for its outstanding performances. Let’s start with the tips he mention to attain a strong immune system during cancer treatments.

1) Drink Plenty of Water

When we think to make our immune system strong the first thing we focus on healthy foods. But, all of us know that our body is made of 70% of water. Water helps detoxify the body and remove unwanted pathogens from the body. water help in delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells, tissues in the whole body and remove the wastages from the organs. Hence, due to the proper transportation of water, minerals, vitamins the organs which build the immune system work efficiently. No matter you have cancer or not everyone must follow the habit of drinking an adequate amount of water.

2) Ask Your Doctor for Protective medicines

If you are under intensive treatments for cancer there are chances of decreasing your immunity. If your health is at risk of infections you can consult with your treating doctors. They will provide some prophylactic antibiotics to boost up the production of T cells, White Blood cells, etc. But don’t try this without consulting any physician. As an experience is required to suggest immunity booster drugs with cancer treatments.

3) Get the Flu Shot Often

flu shots reduce the chances of getting ill due to viruses that cause flu, fever. Short-term flu can be common to a normal person but for cancer patients, it can be life-threatening. Two weeks before the chemotherapy the patient receives the flu shot or sometimes between chemo cycles. But it is not always necessary to suit anybody having a poor immune system. Reach out to your treating doctor first and take the vaccines according to your health condition.

4) Follow a Healthy Diet

A healthy food plan is important for everyone. If our body doesn’t get the required amount of nutrients it tends to work improperly. And the immune system is not exceptional. If we don’t consume essential minerals like zinc, iron, manganese, or vitamins like B, C, A, etc, our immune system starts losing its potential.

However, following a healthy food plan is not piece of cake for cancer patients. Cancer treatments, affects the digestive system or appetite. To follow a healthy diet that is sufficient for you, you can consult with a nutritionist like Kanury rao.

5) Limit the Contact with Sick Peoples

When chemotherapy goes on, many physical changes happened in our bodies. The patient’s body becomes vulnerable to many viruses and bacteria. So when your immune system is already struggling with cancer you need to avoid any other contaminations. And for this, if you find sick people nearby you just try to maintain a distance. You need to limit sharing of personal products such as pillows, towels, combs with them. Besides you need to wash your hands frequently whenever you touch open surfaces.

6) Follow Hygiene

Practicing hygiene is one of the important things cancer patients as well as normal people who have weak when immune. To limit the chances of illness you need to wash your hands with good quality soaps and warm water. You need to practice this before eating, after visiting public places and hospitals, after using the washroom, and after touching animals. Carry alcohol-based sanitizer with you when you go outside to clean your hands where water and soaps are not available. Moreover, you need to brush your teeth every day and by cutting or cleaning the nails you can protect yourself from infections.

7) Report any Indications of Infection Immediately

If you suspect any symptoms of infection like fever, cough, sore throat, vomiting, nasal congestion, reach out to your treating doctors immediately. Early treatments reduce the complications and let you recover quickly. You might find that your doctor may suggest you connect with an immunologist. Before reaching out, make sure you diligently share your complications, treatments, symptoms with him.

Chemotherapy impacts our immune system drastically. Chemotherapy impacts our immune system drastically. Always follow conscious measures to avoid any illness. You must immediately consult with your doctors when you see any small changes is happening in your body. You must immediately consult with your doctors when you see any small changes is happening in your body. When people hear the report of cancer disease they and their families break down. They face anxiety, hopelessness, depression, and trauma. The stress in our body further weakens the immune system. So, whatever you need to go through make sure you stay stress-free.

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