A car, unlike most bikes, doesn’t have a kick start. So, if the battery of your car is dead then you are stuck. You can buy a car battery charger to encounter this problem. A charged battery also helps to start your car engine faster without many cranks.

Jump starting a car battery

It happens to a lot of us. You leave the headlights on or something else and you are left with a dead battery. That’s when you need to jump start your car. We will talk about it in detail and also guide you on how to jump start your car properly if your car battery is dead.

The principle behind jump starting a car is getting power from another car which has a good battery to the one with a dead battery. The batteries are connected to each other and the car with a good battery is started and left to run.

While the engine is one and the car is running, the alternator of this car is charging up the battery of the second car which has a dead battery. Now, we try to start the car and it starts. So, it is good to keep jumper cables in your car as you may need it anytime or maybe someone else may need your help.

But note that this is a temporary fix. Your car may start a few times after jumping a car battery as it will charge up the battery a bit. But soon you may be stuck again. So, consider charging the battery or getting it replaced.

How to jump a car battery properly:

  1. First arrange for a car which is in running condition which starts with the battery. Bring it head on head with the car which needs jump starting but make sure that they are separated and don’t touch each other.
  2. Open the hood and locate the batteries in both of the vehicles. Properly find out the positive and negative terminals. And then take out the jumper cables.
  3. Now start connecting the jumper cables with the dead battery as it has the least power and won’t give you a shock. Connect the red terminal and from this point don’t let the jumper plugs touch each other or you may short the batteries.
  4. Next, the negative or ground can be connected to any bare metal part. As if you connect to the negative terminal, it may cause sparks and dead batteries produce hydrogen. Any sparks may cause fire and burst the cell.

Then connect the cables to the charged battery.

  1. Start the car with the good battery and let it run for 2 minutes. Now, try to start the car with a dead battery and it should start.
  2. If it doesn’t then leave it for 5 minutes and let the other car run for 5 minutes then try again. If you feel you are very close to starting but still aren’t starting then ask someone to rev the engine of the other car upto 2000 rpm. That will set the alternator spinning faster and you should get enough juice to start up the engine.

Types of car batteries

  • Lead-Acid Battery

This is the most commonly used battery in cars. It is the traditional battery which every car manufacturer uses nowadays in their car. This is cheaper than another type which we will discuss soon.

Lead-Acid batteries do not need maintenance. These batteries are sealed and hence cannot be serviced. These can last about 4 years and can be charged and used for a year or two more.

Earlier SLI batteries were used in place of Lead-Acid Batteries and those had lesser lifespan and needed maintenance and hence got phased out slowly.

  • Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery

These are advanced batteries which have started becoming popular after the advent of EVs. EVs and hybrid cars use Li-Ion batteries. These are costlier than the Lead-Acid batteries but have a longer lifespan.

As compared to any other batteries, Li-Ion batteries store much greater charge. Hence they can be used for a long time. These batteries are lighter than Lead-Acid batteries of the same power. No matter how roughly you use them, they will last about 5-10 years. That is, if you take good care, it can last even 10 years and that’s awesome.

In the end, it is always better to charge up a battery than to jump start it as a charge will last longer. But, batteries can be charged and used 1-2 times. Eventually you’ll need to replace it and that is a wise thing to do, lest you may be stuck at the roadside.

How to choose a healthy battery:

  • The date of manufacturing should not be older than 6 months from the date you are purchasing the battery.
  • Always check the voltage before buying a battery. A new battery should test for min. 12.6V or a bit more and that will be specified with the box of the battery.

In a nutshell, jump starting a car battery is a temporary solution to a dead battery and you should charge the battery for worry free rides. Don’t forget to check out amazing car accessories which are available with us at a discount.

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