Introduction to opioids:

Opioids belong to such class of drugs which include different types of pain killers or pain relievers and are available only via prescription. These class of drugs work by attaching themselves to proteins which are known as opioid receptors on the nerve cells which are found in the spinal cord, brain and other body parts. This leads to the blocking of pain messages which are sent from the body via spinal cord to the brain. Opioids although are effective in dealing with the pain but they can be addictive and may cause many other problems as well. Some of the side effects of opioids include nausea, sleepiness, loss of consciousness, shallow breathing etc. Moreover in some cases, when a person suddenly stops taking opioids he can suffer from insomnia as well. Below is the list of different types of opioids which are used by people suffering from mild to moderately severe pain.

  1. Codeine phosphate UK
  2. Oxycodone
  3. Morphine
  4. Hydrocodone
  5. Fentanyl
  6. Oxymorphone

Introduction to codeine phosphate:

Codeine phosphate is a type of prescription drug which falls in the category of opioids and is normally prescribed by the doctor to cure pain which can be mild to moderate. This type of drug can either be used alone or in combination with other drugs as well. It is a medicine which falls in the category of opioids and analgesics. It comes in the form of white colored tablets and every tablets is made up of codeine phosphate hemihydrate. Codeine phosphate 30mg and codeine phosphate 60 mg are two strength forms of this drug.

Uses of codeine phosphate:

People buy codeine phosphate online UK due to the following reasons:

  1. One of the common use of this drug involves treating or curing pain in different parts of the body.
  2. Apart from being a pain reliever it is also effective in curing diarrhea.
  3. Cough can also be cured or treated with the help of this medicine.

Side effects of codeine phosphate:

Like every other medicine, codeine phosphate can also cause side effects but it does not mean that everyone will get them. These side effects may be faced by some while others may not experience them at all. These include:

  1. Allergic reactions which may include increased sweating, itch, redness, hives, rashes etc.
  2. Some people may also experience pressure in skull as well which may lead to headache behind eyes and other side effects like changes in vision etc.
  3. In some cases, the use of codeine phosphate may also lead to convulsions.
  4. Another side effect of this drug includes nightmares and hallucinations.
  5. Those who buying codeine phosphate UK may also suffer from uncontrolled muscle movements.
  6. Pain while urinating and passing less urine is another side effect of this drug.
  7. This drug may also cause restlessness.
  8. Decrease in sex drive.
  9. Low blood pressure.
  10. Pain in abdomen.
  11. Dry mouth.
  12. Vomiting and nausea.
  13. Noisy and shallow breathing.
  14. Unusual behavior
  15. Tiredness which can worsen.

Alternatives to codeine phosphate:

As codeine phosphate 30mg buy can cause side effects in people which can be severe as well many people may also turn towards alternatives to codeine phosphate. These alternatives include:

1.  Non-opioids

Some non-opioid medicines including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine and acetaminophen can be used to overcome pain which is mild in nature.

2.  Oxycodone

Moderate to severe pain can also be cure with the help of a strong opioid which is oxycodone. This medicine is best when all other medicines have failed or no longer work. Oxycodone is classified as a narcotic analgesic which works by acting on the central nervous system to overcome or cure pain.

3.  Oral morphine

Many people tend to use morphine in place of codeine phosphate as well. Morphine is an opioid analgesic which is prescribe in conditions when a person suffers from severe pain. This type of drug changes the way the body responds to the pain and changes the way body feels about pain by working in the brain.

4.  Hydrocodone

Another type of opioid which is a narcotic analgesic or pain medicine is hydrocodone which relieves pain by acting on the central nervous system and is also effective in treating cough. One major side effect of this drug it that it leads to dependence because it can be habit forming. But this is the case when it is use for a long period of time.

5.  Tramadol

One of the best alternatives to codeine is Tramadol which is an analgesic and acts on opioid insensitive and sensitive pain through different mechanisms. It has many advantages over other types of opioids one of them being less side effects as compared to others.

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