If your business has an Instagram presence, there are several elements in your business profile that you need to cut and change. Bio is one of those elements.

Instagram provides a maximum of 150 characters for users to fill out in the bio section. That’s 150 characters to summarize your company and all it stands for.

But how do you write a professional Instagram bio, and why is it important? To find the answers to these questions, read on.

Your Instagram Business Profile: Why It’s Important

Although 150 characters may seem too short to write something complex, the fact is that with a well-written bio, you can convey the following to your audience:

  • What is your business
  • What your company sells
  • Why your target audience should care about your business and what it sells

A well-written Instagram bio will help your company put its brand on the podium. Branding is essential as it will create more awareness, meaning that your target audience will know about your company’s existence. If your audience doesn’t know about you, they are less likely to buy your product and service.

In addition, Instagram has also become an excellent place for businesses. For example, Instagram users might find your business through a hashtag or Stories section. In such cases, if users find your content interesting, there is an excellent chance that users will visit your Instagram page for business. Here a bio professional can work wonders by creating a good first impression. An average biography that doesn’t leave a mark in the user’s mind can negatively impact.

So, when you create an Instagram bio, you need to make sure that these 150 characters can convey the nature of your brand and the company’s unique recommendations to users. Keep reading to learn more about the elements of an Instagram bio and how you can tweak them to increase your company’s presence on one of the world’s largest social media platforms. Social Point Canada gives you a wide variety of opportunities to increase your business’s presence on the Internet.

 Elements of the Instagram bio

An Instagram bio has several elements, and improving all of these elements will go a long way to making sure you have a pro bio. Let’s take a closer look at what these elements are:

Name and surname:

Your Instagram name is your identity on the platform and appears as ‘@handle.’ The nickname appears on Instagram at the top of your company’s profile, making it one of the most prominent elements when users visit your profile. However, the name is the full name of your company and appears under the pseudonym. For example, if ABC Company is your full company name, that’s also your Instagram name. The Instagram name could be @ABC or any other nickname you like.

Profile picture:

You also need to set your brand profile, and you can do this by selecting a profile picture that is relevant to the company. Of course, the image should be visible. Most companies choose a product image, a brick location, or a brand logo for their appearance. So, make your choice, but make sure you get high-quality photos. The profile picture can be found in the upper left corner of your Instagram page for the company.


Following the essential element – the bio-division. This is a 150 -character field that you must fill out to tell your target audience about your company, your products and services, and why your page should be followed. We’ll give you more detailed information on creating a high-quality Instagram bio later.


Instagram is notorious for not allowing its users to include touchable links. However, sharing a site in your Instagram bio is an exception. Most often, this section is used to link to the company’s official website. However, you can try and post links to new products and content in this section (one at a time, of course!). The site section is found under the bio section.


Business accounts on Instagram have an option to enable a call-to-action button, which allows users to take action without leaving their Instagram page. These buttons will also help you save bio-sharing space.

Contact info:

If users want to contact your company, this is the crucial element they will look for. It has a call and email button that users can click to get your company in no time. Once again, we recommend using this space in general as it will save you much-needed space in the bio section.

How to write an Instagram bio to strengthen your Instagram presence

Of course, Instagram for business doesn’t give you an advantage over the length of your bio. However, there are also pros to the 150-character limit. If you make your memoir compelling, memorable, and relevant to your company and your target audience, users will notice Instagram. But how do you get your bio to have these qualities? This will help you answer with the following tips:

Make it easy to read:

The easier it is to read your company’s bio, the faster your target audience will be able to process important information. This information includes what products your company offers and why choosing you over your competitors are wise. Many companies have bios on Instagram that include vertical bars or pipes for balanced yet straightforward information. It is also popular to break lines and emojis into bullets. However, it would help to keep in mind that these characters will also take up several attributes. So, you will be successful in using any vertical bar. Here is also a guide available on how to get Instagram Verified in no time.

Emphasize your brand identity:

Brand identity includes the tone and language you use when representing your company. For example, some companies have various safe and easy brand features. Unfamiliar voices and language in their campaigns and strategies are appropriate for such companies. However, if your company has a more severe and formal nature, it is not fair to use everyday language. It’s great, though, to stick to the official voice.

Create a bio-based on your goals:

You can customize your Instagram bio section. However, instead of randomly changing your bios just because you can, set goals and create the best bios. For example, if you’ve recently released a significant product, you can set a goal to promote the product. So, based on that goal, your bio can have the most relevant information for the product you just published. No matter what happens, make sure your bio section doesn’t hang.

Always change your website sharing:

As mentioned earlier in the article, sharing a website with your Instagram bio allows you to post a touchable link. You should make good use of this section to fill in your bio with the appropriate links. For example, if you’re promoting a recent product, it’s good to include links that lead your audience to a purchase page.

Use relevant hashtags:

Hashtags are a powerful tool on Instagram, which is why you should use them, especially when including relevant ones in your bio. With touchable hashtags, you can direct your audience to other related content. You can also create brand hashtags and ask your audience to post on those hashtags. This results in creating a lot of user-generated content, which you can collect for more Instagram marketing updates in the future.

Don’t forget to include the right keywords:

If a hashtag rather than a hashtag drives your search on Instagram, you may consider the keyword unnecessary in your Instagram bio. However, the fact is that including a few keywords used by your target audience will not hurt. THESE keywords will be usable during keyword-driven user searches, giving your page more visibility than other pages that rely entirely on hashtags.

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