Inspired by brands using Facebook content in their marketing and want to do the same but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry. You are not alone. We will help you understand how you can replicate the success of using a Facebook widget for your brand as well.

You can use a Facebook widget for various purposes and add it to different touchpoints in your marketing like websites, landing pages, blogs, and email campaigns. Let’s get started to learn this in detail.

Ways to use Facebook Widget in Brand’s Marketing

1. Collect and show UGC

User-generated content is the number one hack marketers use to promote their products or services and build a reliable position in the market by winning the audience’s trust. But the problem marketers face today is sourcing user-generated content. If you also plan to leverage UGC in your marketing campaigns but avoid this problem, then the best way is to use a Facebook widget.

Facebook is the top platform where you can find UGC from your audience. According to data, Facebook is the most popular social media platform with the highest number of active users. And using an advanced widget tool, you can easily find customers on Facebook who creates content related to your brand.


2. Collect Facebook reviews on the widget

Facebook is a platform that promotes community building and helps brands leverage the audience’s attention and experience stories for their benefit. The reviews and rating feature on business pages was introduced to promote the brand and audience engagement. 

If your brand also has a business page on Facebook, you can leverage the reviews and ratings given by your customers. The widget will help you collect the Facebook page reviews and show them on different marketing channels. Reviews are a great way to build audience trust and are necessary if you want your business to survive in the long term.


3. Collect and show your brand’s top social media content

If you are using Facebook for sharing engaging content with your audience, then you can repurpose this content and present it on your website. It will help you drive engagement on other marketing channels where you use it. 

By using a Facebook widget, you can easily aggregate content from your page, page mentions, personal profile, and albums.


4. Add Conversion-driven CTA Buttons

You can add a good range of CTA buttons on websites, but it doesn’t allow you to add CTA buttons to Facebook posts. So even after attracting, engaging, and winning the trust of the audience, you can’t drive them to the final stage of conversions. But an advanced tool will allow you to add CTA buttons to the Facebook posts on the widget.


5. Audience Analytics and Behavior

One of the best uses of Facebook widgets for marketers is getting data to understand audience analytics and behavior through it. Top Facebook widget tools in the industry offer analytics features with it. These analytics help you understand how your audience is interacting with the Facebook widget feed.

You can further understand the audience behavior of people interacting with your widget. This will help you figure out if you are creating the right kind of Facebook content or showing the right feeds on the widget or not.


Where can you use the Facebook widget?

Add Facebook widget on Website

Websites are an important part of your online brand presence and marketing, so you must focus on making your website interactive for your audience. With the help of Facebook content and widget, you can easily make your website engaging. It will also enhance your website visuals.


Add Facebook widget on Landing pages 

Your landing pages are another tool to drive conversions for your brand. A UGC-based or reviews-based Facebook widget will best suit your landing pages and help you gain an audience.


Add Facebook widget on Blogs

You can create an interactive Facebook widget for your blog to make it more readable and improve the engagement rate. UGC-based Facebook widgets will garner a lot of attention from your readers.


Add Facebook Widget on Email Campaigns

The benefits of using the Facebook widget don’t have to be limited to your website. You can also add it to your email campaigns. The Facebook widget will help you engage your readers in all types of emails (be it promotional email campaigns, regular newsletters, or other emails.)


Final Thoughts

Facebook widget is one of the best ways to level up your marketing. This is the right time to step up your marketing and focus on engaging your customers with highly interactive content. So start working on a strategy on how to use Facebook content and widget on your marketing channels.

Don’t forget to pick a social widget tool that enables you to create an interactive Facebook widget and has advanced features for designing, content moderation, analytics, and adding CTA buttons. Once you do this, you will be ready to scale up your marketing.

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