Sinus pressure feels like pressure in the forehead that makes your nose runny and makes you feel uneasy. It can cause discomfort and lead to poor quality of life. The ENT doctor in Lahore says that learning about home remedies can ease the symptoms and make you feel better.

For people who experience this condition for up to ten days, it may indicate a sinus infection.

Let’s explore some of the home remedies that can help to ease the sinus symptoms.

Use spray 

Some sprays can help to overcome the symptoms of sinus pressure. But you need a special over-the-counter nasal decongestant spray to keep your nasal passage moist, unblock congestion and also help to reduce the inflammation.

There are some sprays that you can use for a maximum of three days. But exceeding these days can lead to worsening the sinus pressure.

Some nasal sprays are used for a long time which can help to ease the symptoms. Because these sprays contain saltwater. You need to discuss with the doctor what type of spray you need to keep the nasal passage moist. Once you start taking care of your nasal passages, it will reduce the pain and inflammation. But it may take a few days to feel good.


Have you ever heard about the neti pot? Well, it is used for nasal passage flushing by using the solution of salt and water. It’s been used for centuries to release sinus pressure. To keep the sinus flowing, it is important to use the neti pot once a week or daily. But many people often use tap water which is not a good thing to do.

But experts always suggest using distilled water. Because it is safe to use.

Get complete rest 

When you do extra physical activities and do not let your body relax, it can worsen the condition and trigger sinus pressure. One of the best ways to promote the healing process and fight off the response of the body is to get complete rest. Make sure that you let your body heal properly and get complete rest. You need to prop yourself with a few pillows. An elevated position on the bed can help to breathe more easily.

Add humidity 

Living in a house with dry hair can worsen the sinus pressure. All you need is to use a humidifier to keep the inside house air moist. When you breathe in the moist air, it will help to release sinus pressure. There are some factors that can contribute to triggering sinus pressure, like tobacco smoke and chlorinated water.

These can irritate the mucus membrane in your nose and increase the risk of a sinus infection.

Use OTC medicine 

Some over-the-counter medications can help with nasal congestion relief. You can use some decongestants or pain relievers that can reduce the pain caused by the sinus and its pressure that can also be associated with head pressure.

But you should not take any medicine on your own until you discuss it with your doctor. It might be possible that you are living with a medical condition and taking other medicines. Some medications can interfere with the other solutions that lead to some health complications.

Try a steam therapy 

Steam therapy works very effectively when it comes to dealing with sinus infections or pressure. You need to breathe in steam from a bowl of warm water or from a pot. If you cannot breathe this way, the other option is the hot shower that you can take any time to release the sinus pressure.

A warm and wet towel will also help you with the nasal passage.

Take vitamin C 

We all know that vitamin C can help to fight off many potential infections. You can eat oranges or kiwi as both are rich in vitamin C and provide enough energy to reduce sinus inflammation and shorten the duration of sinus infection.


You do not need only water but also need other fluids to stay hydrated. The intake of fluids can help to thin the mucus. But make sure that you do not drink caffeinated beverages that can lead to dehydration. Everyone should stay hydrated as dehydration does not only worsen the sinus pressure but also put you at high risk of developing diseases.

Eat spicy foods 

Eating spicy foods means that you will be having flowing nasal congestion. You can add hot peppers, wasabi, or hot sauces to your food to add more spices and can see the effective results as it releases the sinus pressure and pain.

Final Thought

 Learning about the triggers that can worsen the sinus infection or cold can help to shorten the duration and promote the healing process. Everyone should take steam therapy for instant relief or can take a hot shower. You can also discuss with your doctor prescribed medications.

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