Be ready, LinkedIn Stories buymalaysianfollowers is coming!

Following the same model as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, LinkedIn Stories is an

innovative way to post live updates throughout the day on LinkedIn.

What is this going to mean for companies and companies on LinkedIn?

We’ll be covering the most important aspects and must-have strategies to stay at the forefront of your field:

LinkedIn Stories: What is It and how can Brands Benefit from It?

LinkedIn Stories is a quick and fun method to share updates from your professional on LinkedIn.

Similar to Instagram Stories, this feature lets users post videos or photos lasting just 24 hours.

Users can also add overlays of text, mention accounts, share a question of the Day and also add a variety of stickers on their posts:

After publication, stories are displayed in tappable bubbles on the top of

the user’s LinkedIn feed on mobile devices. When you tap them, they show in a full-screen format (9:16).

From here, users can share their stories via direct messages, making simple and casual conversations much easier through the platform.

LinkedIn’s Director for Product Management, Pete Davies explained that the new format is great to encourage more discussions on the platform.

“Last season, we began thinking about what Stories could look like in a professional setting,” Davies said.

He then explains the reasons why a “lightweight”, as well as “fun” method of sharing updates, has just as much of an appeal on LinkedIn as it does other places.

“Sometimes we’d like to connect and have a good time with our colleagues and then move forward.”

The shift to stories on LinkedIn illustrates just how much social media has changed since Facebook first changed

from a collection of linked profiles to a centralized News Feed in 2006. Stories are

the latest trend and people prefer to “share at the time” instead of making the idea of a continuous feed.

This is in line with the trends that have been observed on Instagram in the past few years, where people are posting less on their feeds.

In a recent study conducted with Fohr, We discovered that influencers have been posting on their feeds one third less frequently than they did in 2016.

What do these mean for brands?

Simply put, this feature will provide a new, temporary way to share information with your

professionally-motivated audience. Although having another option to choose from could be daunting,

there are plenty of ways to use this as an exciting new opportunity to support your business objectives.

Notice: LinkedIn Stories is still being released across all countries. If you aren’t able to access it to it yet sit tight! It’s coming shortly.

Are you ready to elevate the quality of your Instagram Stories designs to the next level? Learn how to create stories that will captivate your followers!

4 Strategies to Incorporate LinkedIn Stories into Your Marketing Strategy

Like the introduction to Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories provides a great opportunity to build a more meaningful conversation with your followers.

Before you dive into your brand-new LinkedIn Stories content strategy, it’s

worthwhile to consider the audience you’re targeting and the reason you’d like to grab their attention.

Knowing who you’re speaking to, what they’re most interested in, and the goals you’re trying

to accomplish can help you develop the content plan and ensure you’re on the right path to be successful!

In this regard there are four methods to make use of LinkedIn Stories for your marketing strategy:

LinkedIn Stories Strategy #1: Inspire thought-leaders to give Professional Tips

LinkedIn is an enormous platform for thought-leadership in professional settings and this innovative

“snackable” format is an excellent method to present your internal expertise in a fun and engaging manner.

If it’s advice for your resume from your HR department an overview of your industry or a

few creative design tips providing helpful tips will attract the attention of your readers.

Make sure that you keep your content appropriate to the speedy and simple nature of the stories.

For instance, if you’re telling “5 tips for professional networking” you could make five slides

that you can slot within your video contentto ensure that your content can be easily read for your target audience!

LinkedIn Stories Strategies #2 Sharing Real-Time Event Updates

LinkedIn Stories only have a limited time frame, which makes them ideal to share more casual, unpolished material straight from a live event.

From announcements by the company and awards celebrations, sharing footage from live events can be a great method to show what’s happening in your workplace.

It can also be an effective way to generate additional excitement around events by posting it on LinkedIn. Think about asking the your key event organizers or speakers to provide short soundbites on the event’s agenda or even share the “sneak glimpse” of additional details to be revealed!

LinkedIn Stories Strategy #3: Host a Corporate Q&A

Similar to Instagram Stories do, LinkedIn Stories offer an excellent way to showcase an authentic and real face of your brand on social media.

A Q&A session on stories will highlight the people who are behind your brand. This is an excellent way to tell the story of your brand and to build brand loyalty.

For questions to be gathered for your Q&Apost, ask your readers to submit their questions in advance. It could be done via direct messages or via a traditional LinkedIn feed posting.

LinkedIn Stories Strategy #4: Use LinkedIn Stories to share brand announcements and Product News

If you’re among the very first brands to use LinkedIn Stories, the chances are you’ll gain an enormous amount of exposure to your customers on LinkedIn.

With this in mind it’s an excellent idea to utilize this platform to post the most important updates for your brand even if you already have already published a feed on them also.

When you’re sharing job opportunities or announcing a new product using this new avenue to reach a wider viewers is definitely a wise decision!

If Facebook Stories are anything to take Click Here note of, those who are the first to adopt LinkedIn Stories will set themselves ahead of their peers.

Will you use Linkedin Stories to market your brand? Tell us via the comment section!

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