How To Get More Instagram Followers In 2022: The Definitive Guide

Make more content available

The world of social media can be a game of numbers and Instagram isn’t an exception. If you have more posts to share the more likely to be noticed, which is why it’s important to publish regularly and consistently.

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To ensure you are on top with your Instagram posting schedule and to ensure that you can still live a busy life, and not every minute creating material, schedule your content prior to time with an Instagram calendar tool like Pallyy.


Run an Instagram giveaway

Giveaways on Instagram are an excellent method to encourage people to follow your account and like your posts and to follow your Instagram account. The most important thing to remember in a giveaway is to ensure that you’re clear to your followers on what they must do to enter in the contest. If you’re eager to connect with new customers, here are a few kinds of giveaways that you could utilize:

Giveaways with Like-and-Share – Followers need to share and like your post in order to be entered

Giveaways for Tag-a-Friend – Followers must to invite a friend to be eligible to participate.

Follow-to-Win giveaways – Following your account’s users, they are in the draw to win prizes.

It is also possible to create content-based giveaways like contests for captions and photos which are useful for creating user-generated content you can reuse and distribute.

Followers on Instagram tip 2: offer a prize

After you’ve selected a price and created the giveaway’s content Make sure you share it widely and to draw the maximum amount of attention.

Share it on all of your social media channels. It is possible to include a giveaway widget on your website or blog to draw more entries with tools such as SweepWidget.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process of running Instagram giveaways, take a look at our complete guide here and our post about IG giveaways.

Find the content that works, and share it with others.

It is possible to use the power of analytics to discover what your followers as well as other Instagram users are looking for.

If you have an Instagram business account , you can get some insights about your profile using the app. However, should you wish to get a better understanding of the kind of content that does best, then it is best to use the help of an Instagram analytics tool such as Pallyy as well as Agorapulse.

Make sure you have a professional bio and profile.

If a user is new and opens your profile the first thing they’ll be able to see will be what’s in your Instagram bio. The content you put in your bio and how attractive it is. Can be that much between clicking the follow button and moving on that’s the reason it’s important to do it the right way.

Tips for Instagram Followers 4 – improve your Instagram profile’s bio as well as your account

It is also possible to enhance your bio’s visual appealing by using emojis with a connection to your brand.

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There is room for a link within the bio area. You must ensure that it is clean and tidy as you can so that visitors feel comfortable when they click the link and don’t be distracted by lengthy and confusing URLs. To accomplish this, make use of a link within bio tool to reduce and improve the quality of links.

Try different posting times

It is important to be punctual when it is time to post when you post on Instagram. But, figuring out the best timing to post can be difficult.

There are a lot of “studies online that claim to know the answer on the ideal time to publish however the reality is that the best time to post will vary for each individual. It’s all dependent on the location of your followers and the time of day they are most active.

But, by testing and analysing your personal IG information, you will be able to identify the most effective posting times for your particular account. Utilizing tools such as Pallyy You can monitor posts’ performance and run tests to determine the ideal time to publish Stories, feed posts and much more.

Promote your Instagram through other social networks

If you already have followers on another social media platform. Such as Facebook or Twitter Do not be afraid to advertise your Instagram page to these users. However small your following may be it’s worth sharing the links on your Instagram account regularly.

If you are sharing with your Instagram profile. You should think about enticing your followers to go to the Instagram out.


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