Water leaks from an underground pipe, under the floor.  They can cause a lot of damage, especially if not detected quickly.  Repairing them can be complex. Today, technology has made great strides.  It is possible to detect a water leak in an underground pipe quickly and easily. But to solve this problem as quickly as possible.  In addition to the intervention of a specialized professional.  It is necessary to pay attention to some signs.
Let’s see how to find the water leakage of an underground pipe and what to do to solve the problem.

What are the main causes of water loss from an underground pipe?

  • How to notice the water leakage of an underground pipe?
  • How to find the water loss of an underground pipe: thermo graphic and electronic detection methods.
  • How to find the water leakage of an underground pipe: video inspection.
  • What are the main causes of a water leak from an underground pipe?
  • Before taking the necessary measures to detect and repair the water leakage of an underground pipe.  It is important to know the reasons for the failure, the most common are:

Wear of the pipes;

  • The bursting of an underground pipe.
  • Errors during the installation and connection of the pipes.
  • Corrosion of pipes due, for example, to the aggressiveness of water.
  • The external humidity of the ground which can damage the underground pipes.
  • A hydraulic shock due to the sudden closure of a valve, which can cause the pipes to rupture suddenly.

How to notice the water leakage of an underground pipe?

When there is a hidden water leak in the house. It can take several days and weeks before the failure is realized. Usually the moment of truth always comes too late.  It is when a bill for very salty water is delivered to us. However, there are two methods, to understand in advance if an underground pipe is leaking water.

The first is to always check the water meter, marking the figures periodically.  To understand the average consumption and if there are variations. When you think there is a leak, use this method.  Mark the counter, then close all the water taps and do not use a washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, boiler etc. for at least an hour, then check the figure on the counter. To refrain from this kind of situation on your boiler, make sure to get what is the best combi boiler. If this has increased it means that an underground pipe is leaking water.
The second method is to listen carefully to the noises coming from the pipes.  If once all the taps in the house are closed. You still hear a sound of water flowing or dripping.  It could mean that an underground pipe is leaking water.
After all these factors have been taken into consideration, it is important to act promptly to repair the leak, and to avoid the risk of serious damage. Here is the Cost of the System

How to find a water leak in an underground pipe: thermographic and electronic detection methods:

There are several ways to detect water leaks underground, in a simple, quick and timely manner.

The thermographic leak detector, for example, is one of the most effective ways, it uses thermal imaging cameras, which return a thermal image (hot or cold) to easily detect the leak and locate it in real time. The camera can also be used to observe the inner walls of the pipe, to find cracks, breaks or bad connections in the underground pipes.
The electronic method consists in using a “moisture meter”, a tool that allows you to monitor the moisture content of the floor or walls, which is easily available in home improvement stores. There is also a pipe interception device known as electroacoustic, which collects the sound frequencies of damaged or broken pipes and detects the vibrations caused by water leaks under the floor.
The tracer gas thermal leak detector can also be used. The principle is to mix nitrogen and hydrogen to perform a thermographic inspection on a metal or PVC pipe. A simple injection of harmless gas is enough to detect a fault in the underground pipes, which in the event of a leak will escape from the pipe. To repair water leak in Lubbock TX click here

How to find the water leakage of an underground pipe: video inspection:

  • One of the most effective and popular methods to find the water leakage of an underground pipe is certainly the video inspection of the pipes.
  • This method works thanks to a small probe, equipped with a camera, capable of reaching inside any type of pipe, even the most remote, to inspect them and verify their status, locate cracks, holes, fillings, failures and precisely leaks. ‘water.
  • The images captured by the camera are simultaneously transmitted to a monitor. Some pipes can be really difficult to access, and without the appropriate tools, it is necessary to destroy walls or floors to access them, with video inspection it is possible to get anywhere, check each pipe to understand where the leak is located and intervene quickly to repair it, without removing all the tiles or destroy the floor.

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