Every closet gets boring after the trendy season finishes. Having a variety of clothes and accessories is rudimentary to remain stylish and up-to-date with fashion. Purchasing from brands like Gold-Couture is beneficial for glamorous events, while simple clothing with an extensive pairing range is perfect for regular use only.

One must also learn the art of perfecting hairstyles and accessorising with appropriate clothing to make better outfits. Using these techniques, anybody can look dashing in minutes with minimal effort. Couture is a genre that brings the most attention due to the various creative clothes.

Dressing for couture events is scary without understanding the sense in it and its artistic variations. Here are some ideas to dress couture classily.


Heels fit every couture situation. The challenge is finding the proper one for each dress. Tassels on the ankles are the latest footwear trend that makes it fun and provides movement. It is best to wear revealing footwear and let the feet breathe while wearing couture.

Some dresses look adorable paired with platform heels if they show enough legs. Recently, Nicola Peltz wore a rather unappealing pair of heels to her wedding that was largely criticised even in the couture world. It had a toe cover with a platform look worn with a long wedding gown covering Peltz completely. Look for better shapes and a skin contrast while selecting footwear.


This section is the most considerable part of couture. Brands like Gold-Couture produce the rarest luxurious pieces popular in the couture arena. Do not be scared to experiment since this world is all about wearing celebratory and extra outfits one cannot wear otherwise. Try tassels, strings, puffer sleeves/skirts, and other types till one sets perfectly with the body.

Check their weight and cloth type before choosing since they might be irritated by the material. Couture dresses are already the masterpieces and the centre of attention; one must not overdo their look by looking for contrasting colours for their footwear and accessories. Dress elegantly by using creative hairstyles to soften the look and remove the overwhelming appeal, although it is apt to dress so.


No couture look is complete without accessories. That said, one must carefully pick their jewellery based on the outfit. Too much skin showing near the neck calls for heavy and visible earrings and necklaces. Wear small stones in studs if the neckline is much closer than what will fill a chain. A bare leg or a split in the dress is perfect for a thigh chain studded with diamonds or similar-looking stones.

One can wear beautifully paired hair accessories to go with the dresses. Bejewelled clips and hair chains are lovely picks. Do not be afraid to accessorise heavily on the head since it only adds to the beauty. The regal appeal is necessary and looks exemplary with every couture look.

Hair and make-up:

Slick hairdos are lovely for couture looks to bring attention to the other elements. Some dresses will require voluminous hair to bring a slight shape to the outfits. Use chic make-up and do not make it too colourful since it can take away the glamorous appeal.

Tight ponytails and buns are a classy look. Add shiny glimmer to the legs and hands to even out their colour. Avoid excessive eye make-up and colourful eye shadows since they might not look very appealing.

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