You sometimes tend to get lost among the wide range of knife sets that currently exist. However, to have the right product, criteria must be taken into account.

The type of Damascus steel knife set

Damascus steel Knife sets differ in their systems. It is essentially a matter of aesthetics related to practice.

There is therefore the slotted set which is also the best known. It is a simple model and has slots that can accommodate the blades of the knives.

Another type of set is the magnetic one, where you can hang your knives thanks to the magnet integrated into its panel. It has the advantage of exposing the knives, which allows you to freely choose the one you need.

The third set is the removable fiber set with a fiber interior that allows you to store your knives without clashing them. In addition, you can even put knives in them that are not of the same brand as the set.

The composition of the knife set

This is one of the criteria not to be taken lightly to guide your choice. It determines the types of knives you can have, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. On the other hand, you may not often use all the knives that make up the set, but you can at least have the essentials.

A knife set can therefore contain a paring knife, a bread knife, a fillet knife, a carving knife, a cleaver, and a utility knife. Other brands even offer specialized knives such as cheese, tomato, and fruit knives, but also a pair of kitchen scissors.

The material

The knife set is available in different materials. There is therefore a wooden set, which is moreover the most frequent and the most in-demand. It is appreciated for its natural and aesthetic side. There is also the steel set which is particularly resistant to rust.

The blade of the knife

The choice of a knife set is not limited to its material or its composition. The most important thing is to bring together the most resistant knives, so the quality of the knife comes first. So, a better knife set has sharp steel knives. And to assess the good quality of the blade, you have to check if it is heavy enough.

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In addition, there are several varieties of steel blades, namely the carbon steel or stainless steel blade, or the forged blade. The latter is the most resistant and make sure to find the Rockwell or HCR index on your knife to guarantee its good quality.

However, the life of a knife depends on how it is cared for and how you use it. Be aware, however, that knives that go in the dishwasher are much less resistant.

The handle of the knife

When it comes to the handle of the knife, you have the choice between steel, plastic, or wood. The strongest knife handles are undeniably those that are made of hardwood, hard resin, or strong plastic.

On the other hand, the wooden handle requires regular maintenance, which is not suitable for you if you do not have the time. In addition, it easily absorbs moisture, unless you choose a model with compressed wood. It goes perfectly in the dishwasher. However, it is very aesthetic and suitable for nature lovers.

As a reminder, the resistance of the handle of a knife depends on the fixing rivets. The more of them, the more resistant your knife will be.

Value for money

Prices for kitchen knife sets are quite diverse. Before you start buying this accessory, remember to compare the prices. It would be wiser to opt for a set of very good quality rather than choosing one at a bargain price that can be replaced a few months later.

I also noticed that there were very good deals on the Internet.

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