In the summer, the sun’s heat energy can heat your home to uncomfortably high temperatures. Learn how to prevent sunlight heat from windows instead of fighting the uncomfortable indoor temps with your cooling system and fans. You’ll save money on your energy bill every month, lessen your household’s carbon footprint, and finally be able to enjoy your home all year.

There are a number of inexpensive solutions to reduce interior warming, including blocking heat from windows. Some ways are more effective than others, and some are less aesthetically pleasant, as with any DIY job. But, by studying and comparing all of your alternatives, from blockout blinds to bubble wrap and even complex window solutions, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into with each attempt to shield your home from the suffocating sunshine heat.

Check out these helpful ideas suggested by an outdoor blinds brand –

Heat Reducing Window Film

What about using a heat-resistant polyethylene film? A special insulating plastic film can be purchased and applied to your windows. It generates a little air hole when attached to the interior of the glass, similar to the plastic bubble wrap. Again, you won’t notice much of a difference with this strategy, but if you acquire enough film to cover all of your windows. You can keep some heat out while still enjoying natural light.

Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

If you want a genuinely low-cost solution and aren’t concerned about the appearance of your window, you can use bubble wrap window insulation. Which is a viable alternative if you only want to block out the summer sun briefly. Is it true that bubble wrap on windows works? In a way, yes. By creating a layer of still, trapped air, the bubble wrap improves the insulating capabilities of your glass. To for it to work, make sure the bubble wrap is tightly wrapped and sealed around the glass. This low-cost double glazing option can also help insulate your windows against chilly air in the winter, though don’t expect a significant change.

External Window Shading

You can also generate shade outside your window as an alternative. Depending on the strategy you select, you may be able to make adequate sun shade on your own, but depending on your DIY experience, you may want to hire a professional. Plants and trees near the window will help to shade the area just outside your home and make it cooler. Plants chill the air around them by releasing water vapor. Awnings or eaves can also be built over the window from the outside. The amount of sunlight that hits the window is reduced as a result. To achieve the finest results, you might want to consult a retractable roof expert to make sure you’re putting the shading at the right angle.

Blockout Roller or Panel Blinds

Cover your windows with blockout shades. Blockout blinds are completely opaque, allowing no light to get through. They provide a minor level of heat blocking power – more so if they are closer to the glass, have a reflecting hue, and are produced from a high-quality material – similar to heat blocking window shades.

 Heat Blocking Window Shades

Installing window shades is a simple solution to sun overheating. It won’t completely cure the problem, but it will help to reduce heat gain. You can put them up yourself, making this a simple DIY project. To gain the most benefit, use the correct style of window shades to block the heat and position them as close to the glass as feasible.

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