American writer Nicholas Carr’s claim that the internet is not only shaping our lives but physically altering our brains has sparked a lively and ongoing debate,” 

How does the Internet impact thinking? 

Some experts propose that easy access to all the information preserved on the World Wide Web is curtailing people’s consciousness spans, and probably making their memory bad. It might even be making people less sympathetic since they’re connecting more through screens.

The Internet is the most extensive and quickly dramatized technology in the history of humanity.

The fastest cheapest internet plays a Fundamental role in  Changing human life. Even the way we think and having some unexpected effects on humans which are either positive or negative on the human brain.

Through the internet, we have open access to finding any type of information which utilizes globalization. We can access the cheapest fastest internet through gadgets like Mobile phones, tablets, and computers but Somehow these things harm our moral values in a way that we want to keep abreast of the outside world all the time and can’t pay proper attention. personal affairs or family matters which leads to the destruction of a healthy society. 

It dramatically revolutionizes our thinking capability in a positive way that paves way for Success in our daily basis life necessities Like education. They tend to be Specifically Social, tend to involve our feelings thoughts or emotions, and the pooled ways To make accessible to other people. The cheapest home internet is basically mind-expanding and atavistic.

Is the internet changing our brains? 

It’s not likely to me and I’ll leave that for metamorphic biologists. As an author, thinker, researcher, and educator, what I can confirm is the fact that technology is changing ways of thinking, but that’s not the same as changing our brains.. The brain is just like any other muscle. If you don’t stretch enough, you’ll end up stiff and weak. However, if you exercise often, and train cross-training your brain, it’ll be flexible, active, robust, and multi-skilled. Do you think the internet impact positively on the way we think? Learning on the internet is, consequently, less beneficial and efficient. Contrary to what one would think it is ironically beneficial to our society when considering the impact of technology on our intelligence. It is actually approved to enlarge our own intelligence as a society.

Research has shown that for instance video games and other screen-based media enhance visual-spatial abilities, improve the ability to focus, react time as well as the ability to distinguish details from noise. Additionally, rather than making children stupid and mindless they could create a different kind of child.. The Internet makes people smarter and more educated.

Before the nativity of the internet, there was not enough awareness among the people about different things happening in society. There was a very less trend of education so people don’t even have enough knowledge to live a life. They don’t even know their basic life living rights. With the internet, people are exploring more and more about their societies, government, issues happening in society, education, a certain topic, news, etc. 


They started thinking of truth from the thought of ignorance. People Now think in a very smarter way and act on it very decently. 


“The Internet is so big, so strong and senseless that for some people it is a complete agent for life”

For better or worse, people use the Internet like a digital amplifier held up to their brains, immortalizing every word of their inner soliloquy, no matter how worldly. Constant browsing, scrolling, and clicking can potentially impact a person’s capability to detain and reminisce information. 

Does technology affect the way we think?

little doubt that all of the new technologies, led by the Internet and digital technology. That is shaping the way we think in ways manifest and pale, intentional and unplanned, and advantageous and deleterious. ”* While research into this field is still in its minority and there is no scientifically agreed-upon…


In his IdeasFest talk, Clive Thompson described this phenomenon as “public thinking,” adrift erratic to the Internet. With an approximated 3 trillion words written online every day, he argues that The Internet has turned everyone into writers, whether they realize it or not.”

“Some negative impact of the internet on thinking”

The more time people are spending using the Internet. The less they interact with friends and family physicians as well as via the phone. The smaller their networks grow and the more they are sad, depressed, and lonely. 


The internet has altered the way we live and how we think. However forensic cyber psychologist Dr Mary Aiken argues it is altering more than that in that. It is affecting our behavior, development, and the norms of society. 

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a huge brain.”

In short words, the internet has played a very important role in changing the way people think. 


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