Two-piece telescoping box packaging is one of the most frequently used boxes in almost every packaging industry around the world. Almost every product finds its way into 2 piece custom boxes regardless of what type it is. 

Individuals are utilizing these boxes for even the most delicate and royal products. Among the most often used things are jewelry, clothing, necklaces, and cosmetics. In some events you will even see perfumes being wrapped around these cool boxes.

There are undoubtedly further items that can be placed in two-piece custom boxes, and when wholesalers deal in custom, then you are highly likely to get a box that is completely personalized, including customized labels. Customized dimensions, and unique styles and personality of the  box.

Occasionally shoppers will like your package more than the products itself. Let us further talk about how two piece gift boxes can help us with branding and what is the benefit of using it.

Organize your products with 2 piece box

Two-piece boxes are very helpful, they can literally store almost anything; this provides you with a diverse range of products. If you have a store and want to introduce a few of your own products, then two-piece boxes are an excellent alternative. 

What you might do when you are expanding as a store owner, and want to bring different items, then branding through packaging is the most suitable answer to your needs.

This may come as a surprise to you; but your consumers also love repurposing items, especially the unique and strong boxes. They would not discard the box just because they have used the item, but instead repurpose it for various uses. 

And this enables you to enhance your branding. People will be exposed to your brand’s emblem and contact information on a more frequent basis.

Would you not rather make use of free marketing methods? These days marketing is getting expensive day by day, as you have a lot of competition; so, it is always better to take advantage of chances that benefit your clients and ensure they take full advantage of them. 

The more easily a product is used by them. The better it is for your own brand. So a two piece gift box or a regular 2 piece custom box are great examples here.

Since these two-piece boxes are sturdy and do not degrade that easily. This is why they are used for other purposes. If it were any other standard box, it would surely go to waste in no time. But not when you are using a two-piece telescoping box.

The two-piece telescoping box is user friendly

Two-piece telescoping box is pretty simple to utilize, not just for unboxing, but also for storing most items. Consumers can easily repurpose and use these. If we talk about the quality; you will find it excellent. Allowing you to retain your goods without getting damaged. packaging globe provides the best custom packaging product.

Also I would like to make a note here that these boxes are not hazardous to the environment at all. You can have as many as you desire, and the construction is environmentally beneficial. But you would definitely want to verify whose seller you are contacting.  As different sellers may be using different quality material.

The boxes should be constructed using environmentally acceptable materials. And they frequently use eco-friendly materials.

So, a polite reminder for all shopkeepers, you must familiarize yourself with your vendors before initiating business; ensure you understand the ins and outs of boxes, as well as the pricing, quantity, and quality standard, your options for branding, etc.

Two-piece telescoping box is great for branding and repurposing

As we have discussed why customers enjoy using two-piece boxes, you have additional opportunities to brand your logo and make it available to a large number of people. Because there is a market for two-piece custom boxes, you can profit from this opportunity, almost a large quantity of gifts are being wrapped in these boxes. 

You set your email, contact number, logo, and taglines on the box, and people come to you looking for doing more business, and buying things. There are many case studies that prove this. 

Business owners continue to receive calls and emails as a result of this marketing tactic. If you can create a slogan; you will increase your customer base by a great difference.

According to a survey, two-piece boxes were among the most popular in 2020 and 2021. People prefer packaging that is simpler and not very tough to open. And only the two-piece box meets their requirements. 

Nobody wants to spend an inordinate amount of time opening a package, particularly if the package is a gift. People love opening gifts sooner, also a two-piece telescoping box keeps the gifts intact. So, people trust their items with this box more than any other type of box.



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