Looking for a good heat press? Consider the Vevor 12 Months Warranty series of heat presses. We have all the information you need to choose the proper Vevor heat press for your company.

This blog article will offer an overview of the Vevor machines, as well as evaluations and advice from industry experts. Read on to discover more about Vevor heat presses, whether you’re a beginner or an upgrade.


The Vevor Heat Press Machines

Vevor’s heat press machines vary from entry-level to high-end commercial presses. Here are the various Vevor 12 Months Warranty machines:


Flatbed Heat Presses:

  • For T-shirts, hoodies, etc. They range in size from tiny to extra-large.
  • Mug Presses are used to print graphics on mugs. They are standard and rotary.
  • Image imprinting on metal or plastic plates is easy using heat presses.


Cap Press:

  • For heat printing on caps.
  • With so many options available, it’s important to choose the proper equipment for your requirements.

A Good Heat Press?

This is a difficult issue to answer since each Vevor heat press has unique features and advantages like Vevor Discount Code.

Most industry experts believe that Vevor 12 Months Warranty machines are among the finest available. They’re sturdy and provide a variety of printing possibilities. You can’t go wrong with a Vevor if you want a decent heat press.


VEVOR Heat Press Machine, 1215 Inch, 5 In 1

Vevor 12 Months Warranty Heat Press Machine, 1215 Inch, 5 in 1 Combo, can work on tees, blankets, cap press, shirts, and mugs.

Protects machinery against electrical problems and overheating. Prevents sticking using Teflon Coated non-stick platen. Swing away 360 degrees shields you from the hot top platen while working.

This Heat Press Machine offers 5 functions to satisfy customers’ demands. The twin heating tube uniformly heats the whole heating plate.

Advancement in technology ensures extended life and outstanding performance. This heat press machine is ideal for t-shirt printing, garment printing, and craft printing.

This small and light device may be used at home. It has completely automated digital control. It has three timer settings for various heating times. This Heat Press Machine is ideal.


It can print on banners, blankets, sweatshirts, shirts, mugs, cups, hats, caps, vinyl, cotton, metal, ceramic plates, modal, and even glass.

The Teflon coated heat press platen protects tees and prevents sticking. The 360° swing away shields you from the hot top platen while working.

Sturdy – Machines are protected against electrical problems and overheating by built-in circuit breakers.

Easy to use digital control with three timing options. The handy digital display eliminates manual adjustments.


  • Design compact and light
  • Five-in-one functionality may suit consumer demands.
  • Great value for money.
  • Digital control enables easy and accurate machine setup for high-quality printing
  • Long-lasting durability


  • Difficulty of assembly

Curved Elements: Vevor Presses Curved Clamshell Heat Press

A 63.75″ Curved Element Hat Press by Vevor 12 Months Warranty Overall, the Clamshell Design Heat Press is our top selection.

This machine is ideal for impressing pictures on headwear and has several convenient features.


Steel frame: This heat press’s steel frame provides longevity and stability.

No twig This machine has a digital LCD timer and temperature control so you can easily watch your progress and get correct results.

This 63.75″ heating plate is intended to meet a variety of heat pressing applications. They’re also rubber-coated to avoid scratching your objects while printing.

Five leveling feet provide stability on any surface.

Automated shutdown after 40 minutes of inactivity.

Cool-touch handles: This model’s handle stays cool to the touch, preventing hand burns.

Simple assembly and usage

Simple design

No twig digital clock and thermometer

A/C auto-shutdown and cool-


Heating time to target temperature

Sublimation Vevor 15×15 Inch Sublimation Heat Press

Sublimation 1515 Vevor 12 Months Warranty Heat Press is perfect for t-shirts, totes, and other fabrics.

The T-shirt heat press machine features a 38cm*38cm platen, allowing for bigger transfers. It features a digital temperature and timer display. You may change the pressure knob to optimize your transfer.

The Vevor 12 Months Warranty heat press machine employs an imported tube that protects the full printing ink press’s standard voltage and current.


Big heat platen: This machine has a 1515 inch heat platen, suitable for T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other large goods.

This machine has a computerized screen that shows your progress.

This press has four adjustable heating knobs that help distribute heat evenly for a more professional press.

This machine has three timing settings, making it easier to press various things.

Automatic shutdown: This option shuts down the system after 50 minutes of inactivity.


  • Heat up to 350°F in two minutes.
  • Professional heat presses
  • Multipurpose for many surfaces


  • No accoutre

VEVOR Heat Press 12 X 10 Inch 800W 4 In 1 Press Machine

This Vevor 12 Months Warranty Heat Press Machine has double-tube heating technology.

It transfers and irons T-shirts, backpacks, and headgear. The heat press machine for t-shirts may also be used as an ironing machine.

The responsive touch screen enables efficient operation without human input. It includes a sturdy plastic board that makes it more solid and durable.

This tiny shirt press machine uses the newest double-tube heating technology to prevent overheating.


Thermostable plastic enhances the heat press’s high-temperature resistance, making it more stable and lasting.

The mini-press uses the newest double-tube heating technology, typical single-tube heating.

Transfer & ironing – The t-shirt press machine may be used for both heat pressing and ironing.

Touch screen – Highly sensitive touch digital display, integrated design is simple to use.

Excellent for newbies

Budget-friendly pricing

Useful, long-lasting machine


  • Only light clothes may be processed.

VEVOR Heat Press 1215 Inch 5 In 1 Multi-Purpose Heat Press

Heat press for T-shirts, mugs, cups, and phone covers. It has 5 functionalities to satisfy clients’ demands.

The twin heating tube uniformly heats the whole heating plate. Advancement in technology ensures extended life and outstanding performance.

Ideal for t-shirt printing, garments, and crafts. This small and light device may be used at home. It has completely automated digital control.

It has three timer settings for various heating times. This is the greatest press machine.


The aluminum alloy plate and silicone button are remarkable design characteristics of the Vevor 12 Months Warranty Heat Press. It is now easy to use and secure.

Two-tube heating unlike conventional single-tube heating, our heat press uses double tube heating. This enables for more equal heat dispersion and greater print quality.

The surface temperature is about 40°C while the operating temperature is 200°C thanks to four layers of insulation technology. This protects your hands from burns and injury.

Easy to use – The digital display is designed to be easy. It is simple to use without manual adjustment.


  • Excellent security and safety design
  • The double tube method distributes heat evenly
  • The machine is simple to operate and very robust.
  • Used on many outfits


  • Baffling user guide

Top-Notch: VEVOR Heat Press 15 Inch 6 Function Digital Heat Presser

Heat transfer prints onto a variety of surfaces with this 6-in-1 Vevor 12 Months Warranty Heat Press 1515 Inch Press Machine.

In addition to the Teflon-coated plate press, the digital LED controller enables you to adjust the required temperature and time.

This t-shirt press machine’s swing-away design allows it to safely employ huge transfers.


Teflon coated platen press element — the surface is non-stick, avoiding the burning of transfers, and enables pressure to be adjusted according to material thickness.

LED controller – Set the temperature and the timer. After-transfer intelligent audible alarm

Swing-away design – The heat machine for t-shirts enables the hot element to be securely pushed aside.


  • Easy to use
  • It contains a 15′′ by 15′′ platen press for bigger products.
  • Handle carefully whether heated or cooled
  • 60-minute inactivity shut-off
  • It contains a digital LED controller that lets you adjust the temperature and time.


  • Not as durable as other heat presses

Questions & Answers

How To Set The Temperature On Vevor?

Our heat press has three timing options. Set the timer for the desired temperature. If you want 350°F and a 30-minute cycle, pick 3.5.

Where To Get Vevor Heat Presses?

Various internet shops sell the Vevor 12 Months Warranty Heat Press Machine. Check your local stores for this t-shirt heat press machine. And Amazon routinely beats other merchants’ pricing.

Where Is Vevor Made?

Vevor 12 Months Warranty is a Chinese corporation that has become a major e-commerce brand. They have offices in Hong Kong (China), Los Angeles, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Sydney, Australia.


Vevor has a wide range of heat press machines for commercial and industrial applications. The 1515 inch sublimation machine is ideal for vinyl printing and comes with an adjustable pressure knob. It also has high-quality, long-lasting materials.

This affordable heat press is perfect for personal or corporate usage with T-shirts, mugs, and hats. The Vevor 12 Months Warranty Heat Press Machine is available online and at local shops.

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