Getting a higher ranking on the search engine SERP is a dream goal of every site around the world. Backlinks are one of the most credible ways that boost this goal and help you in the right search engine optimization also called SEO. Moreover, that way the search engine trusts your website and you can gain more audience. Now, there is of course more than one way to create backlinks. So, today that is going to be our main topic guest posting vs article writing. 

When we see it from the SEO perspective, you get backlinks both ways. You can do successful marketing campaigns in both ways. Also, you might be getting both high and low-quality links. But to reach the top we need the high-quality ones that are made from a site. The low-quality ones are the tweets and comments but that way takes a lot of time to gain the trust of the search engine. 

There are many factors that we have to consider here. It also matters what you are trying to achieve as well like you need a lead or just want some audience for your blog. Let’s dive into this article and check which option would be perfect here for link-building. 

Article writing or guest posting:

Time is money and we need to find the right solution that is both effective in cutting costs and can generate results in less time. As a website or brand owner, you want to give your time to a process that gives you a competitive advantage too. But in a limited time, the right approach gets very important for results. 

Article writing was the best choice where you can like guest blogging write for someone else too. But things got wrong with that as people started to spin the content and create many same articles with just a few words changed. It is called spamming and back then this trick used to work but times have changed. Now, people want the right information and even the search engine does not give any results no matter how much SEO has been done there. 

The right solution:

Here we think the guest posting has a hats-off approach that will get you on the right track to success. No need to worry about commenting, tweeting, and sharing all day. The time has changed and we are not living in the same world of the introduction of SEO. Brands are working with guest posting services because it improves your game through social media as well and that is the key today. 

Guest posting is a procedure where you are writing for someone’s else blog. Now, you might be confused about whether article writing or writing on someone’s blog is the same thing. Instead of commenting, you will be setting your authority yourself by adding links to your content that will be posted on a good website with a great ranking. 

Today, the editors of other websites do not just accept any content. It is high-quality original content that is proofread and has all the requirements provided by the editor. As the website owners do not want to disturb the reputation and lose their audience through spam content. Therefore, the best choice is to go for guest posting services and get the best out of this service. Professional people in this field can help you with the pitch, content, and even posting the content to gain a new audience. 

Final Words:

Article writing or guest blogging – The best option is guest blogging as it fulfills the right way to promote your content and have high-quality backlinks.

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