The summer glow is hard to maintain as it is that time when the skin loses its moisture the most. People must take steps to better their lifestyle to restore their glow.

There are a lot of cosmetics available in the market that claim to give you glowing skin in summer. But the best whitening cream would be the one that adds a shine to the complexion and protects it against the sun. Apart from using a glow cream for face, you must also know a few other tips and tricks so that your skin does not become dull under the summer sun. These tips are related to some other day-to-day habits that can make a remarkable difference in the appearance of your skin if changed.

Pro Tips for a Natural Glow

  • Stay Hydrated: Summers make your skin parched and dry. This is because the body and skin lose moisture faster in the heat. Dry skin looks unhealthy and also appears dull. So it’s more important than ever to take care of your skin and provide the necessary moisture. It would help restore the natural glow. Drinking lots of water and other liquids seems to do the trick. You should also use the best whitening cream from brands that manufacture preservative-free products with natural ingredients like exotic Bulgarian rose to make your skin nourished, moisturised and glowy. 
  • Wear Sunblock: Wearing good-quality sunblock is also paramount in the summers. No matter which makeup look you create for an event, tanned skin and sunburns are never pretty. Before investing in a glow cream for the face, make sure that it contains SPF. The high SPF factor of a cream or lotion protects your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Your skin would not get burned under the sun and appear glowing even after staying out for prolonged hours. Among the several sunscreens and moisturisers, choose the one that doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin. 
  • Exfoliate:  Another tip to achieve glowing skin in the summers is to exfoliate thoroughly. Summer sweat makes your skin dirty and increases the possibility of developing acne and pimples. With exfoliation, you would be able to remove the dirt and grime from your face, revealing smooth, glowing skin. You can use scrubs with ingredients like oatmeal, a great natural exfoliator with anti-inflammatory properties. It will clear the pores, soothe the skin and control oil production. Scrubbing twice a week would help reduce the development of blackheads and whiteheads on your face, giving a flawless complexion.
  • Cut Back on Chemicals: Cosmetics and skincare based on chemicals and harmful additives must be avoided during the summers. The sun is the harshest during this time, and any chemical-based beauty product reacts badly under it. Make sure to look for natural products formulated with organic ingredients. Try Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Advanced Pink Glow Brightening Cream SPF 25 I PA+++, one of the best whitening cream packed with benefits of natural ingredients like exotic Bulgarian rose and Saxifraga extracts. It is entirely safe for daily application as they do not contain harsh chemicals. 
  • Eat Healthily: Lastly, no matter how good a skincare routine you follow, eating unhealthy would take away all your face’s glow. You must make it a point to alter your diet during summers. Eating a lot of organic food is ideal for keeping naturally healthy skin. Remember to eat your fruits, juice, and vegetables. Eating raw fruits provides your skin with proper hydration, making it glow from within. Consuming heavy and oily food would create skin irritation and make your skin break out in acne and pimples. Drinking lots of water and electrolytes is also vital in summers for a balanced complexion. Try to avoid junk food as much as you can, as it is a significant factor causing skin problems in the summer. 

In conclusion, you can restore the summer glow by following the tips mentioned above. In addition, by altering your diet and choice of makeup and skincare, you would be able to glow like the gods all summer.

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