Birthdays are a few days that count as the most exciting and special days of someone’s life. Not only for them, the birthday of someone is very special for the people close to them, be it their parents, their friends, or their partners. Whenever someone’s birthday is near, we start planning a lot of things, from gifts to parties, to who all would be invited, to how the decorations would be, to where the celebrations would take place and everything around. It’s a tiring task. So much to plan, and it seems like so little time. Though there are so many things we can do or gift to someone, we still get confused every time. Questions like, will they like it? Will they use it? Will they accept it? Is it worth it? Does it look cheap? Is it way too expensive for a gift? etc., keep coming to our head, and we keep re-thinking about the gifts or surprises we plan. It happens to everyone. Seriously, it does. 

But, what do you think about flowers? Shouldn’t giving flowers be considered a compulsion on birthdays? Say your best friend lives in Pune. You’ll contact the flower delivery in Pune. No matter what gifts you’ve planned or what surprises you have planned, you’d order the midnight birthday bouquet for your best friend to welcome their special day with utmost positivity and happiness. Flowers have a vibe like that, you know. They can bring a smile to anyone’s face in a split second.

Now say a close relative of yours stays in Mumbai, and during the pandemic, times traveling has become a big hustle. What would you do to make your presence felt to the birthday person, to assure them that you remember their special day very well, and to make them feel special? The first thing you’d probably do is contact the flower delivery in Mumbai and get a beautiful birthday bouquet delivered to their doorsteps as soon as the clock strikes 12.  You send them your love packed in a beautiful bouquet. 

You might send flowers online, or you might grab a bouquet from the local flower shop and present it to the person personally. But flowers are sure to cross your mind on the birthday of someone close to you. They’re the sweetest gesture of love, affection, bond, and importance. But how many times do you give a deep thought to which flowers to pick for the birthday bouquet? Never really. All we think about before getting a bouquet is how it looks, and pick out the prettiest one we think. But in reality, not every flower should be a part of a birthday bouquet. A few flowers are precisely meant to be gifted on a special occasion such as a birthday. So, the next time you think of picking up a bouquet, make sure you pick the following flowers: 

  1. The Rose Dose

    Roses come in a large variety of colors, red, pink, yellow, orange, lilac, and a lot more, and all of them look so pretty. A rose is the king of flowers. They go with everything, for everyone, and on every occasion. Get your hands on a bouquet of roses, any color you like, especially if it’s the birthday of the love of your life. 

  2. The Lean Lily

    Lilies are pretty, sophisticated, and amazingly beautiful. A bouquet of lilies signifies purity of feelings, happiness, and positivity. A bunch of white lilies is the perfect bouquet you can present to someone on their birthday, and it’s not just a bouquet. It’s a good wish. 

  3. Oh! Orchids

    Orchids, as if the angels planted these flowers with their own hands as if cupid watered them, and fairies plucked them, especially for you to present to the special people in your life on their birthdays. They are one of the prettiest flowers, and a bouquet of them would straight hit the heart with a kiss of goodness. 

  4. The Daisy Darling

    Daisies are bright, vibrant, and colorful. A bouquet of daisies has a very happy, joyful, and celebrative vibe. These flowers are so apt for a birthday bouquet that it feels as if they were made for that purpose. 

  5. The Gorgeous Gerberas

    Gerberas are one of those flowers that scream cheerfulness, laughter, positivity, happiness, and celebration. A bouquet of gerberas is a gift with all that sweet fragrance, pretty colors, and beautiful petal shape. Giving gerberas a bouquet on a birthday should be a rule.

Though there are many flowers around us, all of them are extremely pretty, without a doubt. But the five flowers mentioned above are ‘the’ flowers for a birthday bouquet. A bouquet shouldn’t just be a bunch of pretty looking flowers, and there should be a thought behind every flower that’s a part of that bouquet you’re presenting; the bouquet should mean something, and these flowers yell a ‘happy birthday as soon as they reach the hands of the birthday person.     

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