The current boost in the digital marketing industry can be attributed to the digital space has been facing fierce competition. Indeed, WordPress has powered the process by being the best handy content management system. The stats such as 43% of the currently online websites are built on WordPress further endorse the statement. Furthermore, more than 500 WordPress websites get live every day, securing about 60.8% of the CMS market. In such conditions of serious competition, the actual requisition is for the web designer who has to make your website stand out. However, it is quite a task if you decide to stay limited to the templates offered by WordPress. Hence, PSD to WordPress theme conversion makes the best option for a unique website design that delivers your brand image aptly.

Talking about the website designs, a comparison between PSD and Figma comes, especially for the newbies in a professional environment. One group of web design specialists believes that Photoshop is indispensable. On the other hand, a common argument is that Figma serves the full-fledged purpose of designing an optimum website. Who’s is right, who’s not? Let’s analyze both the tools in detail, and decide if you need a PSD to WordPress expert for PSD to WordPress theme conversion.

What is Figma?

Figma is a vector-based cloud-based prototyping and design tool used as a UI and UX design application to design apps, websites, and small components of an interface to be integrated into other projects. The tool can be easily used in the browser and doesn’t take much space. Furthermore, it is popular for offering the best space for design teams to work in a well-collaborative environment. It seamlessly works on different operating systems such as Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and Linux machines, and the Figma files can be easily opened, edited, and shared. You can also use its permission-based sharing and in-app commenting option for design and prototyping modes. It uses Slack as the communication channel.

What is PSD? 

Indeed, PSD refers to the Photoshop Document, Adobe Photoshop file type. You must already have known that it is one of the most admired software among web designers to create

quintessential web designs. The resulting PSD file contains multiple pictures, text, filters, vector paths, and objects. The tools such as GIMP and Corel’s Paint shop pro support this PSD file. Further, this is the file used for PSD to WordPress theme conversion.

PSD to WordPress experts at Navicosoft is well-experienced to choose the just-right tool for you. First, however, let’s look at both approaches to understand better.

Figma to WordPress conversion

Primarily, web designers like Figma due to the unique community and collaborative opportunity to the users. Indeed, it is a graphical editor that lets you enjoy the perks of cloud collaboration. Furthermore, it allows you to try various options that may serve your purpose and expectations regarding your website design by creating a custom design template. In addition, you can try adding comments on certain elements, creating prototypes, and other exciting things. Some of the other persuasive features of Figma include awesome built-in tools, user-friendly, work process convenience, etc. However, the conversion is not a smooth process; it may seem that you would need to hire an expert. On the contrary, you must meddle with the raw code, which is quite a crucial step to perform. Hence, the experts advise that you must backup your site beforehand and try out different designs in staging.

Cons of using Figma

Indeed, Figma is the only software usable in the browser without installation. However, when you use it without installing it, it does not allow you to do much if your internet connection is unstable. Often, connection issues result in blocking Figma. Indeed, you may lose your whole day’s progress in just seconds.

It works best only for simple designs. Therefore, we shall be looking forward to PSD to WordPress theme conversion for better intricate designs.

PSD to WordPress conversion

PSD to WordPress services offers great flexibility concerning colors and quality of images. Further, it makes the most preferred choice for web designers because they can easily remove or add image layers, content, etc. Compared with Figma, it facilitates you working on complex, intuitive web designs that make user-friendly websites. By hiring reliable PSD to WordPress services, you can easily enjoy the premium visibility of your website compliant with W3C and responsive designs.

Moreover, PSD to WordPress theme conversion brings you a pixel-perfect design. You utilize the pixel grid to position the final image items and add sharpness to them. With the staunch PSD to WordPress services, you can have exclusive, dynamic, and responsive layouts that provide mobile-friendly layouts with simple maps, navigation, and CTAs enhancing the user experience.

Cons of PSD

Where Figma has some limitations, some designers don’t like Photoshop. The first and foremost reason for a designer to dislike photoshop is that it is a complex program. It takes quite a time to master the software. However, hiring a PSD to WordPress expert can easily solve this issue.

Furthermore, while working on a website design for PSD to WordPress theme conversion, a newbie may find it difficult to implement certain tasks such as drawing figures, shapes, icons, etc. However, one can easily implement these elements with tools such as CorelDRAW and finalize the design in PSD.


In a nutshell, Figma and PSD to WordPress theme conversions have their pros and cons. Therefore, you must be clear about your preferences and expectations for the ultimate design of your website. You can make the right choice for a unique, user-friendly website design only with such clarity. Hence, finally, you may decide if you need Figma or PSD to WordPress expert.

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