Did you know that every 1 in 10 adults falls victim to scams or frauds every year in the United States of America? Most of these scams these days are being conducted online.

The internet has made our lives a piece of cake in terms of organizing our work and connecting with people. However, everything around here has its advantages and disadvantages as well. With the rise of internet usage, online scams also rocketed.

One of the most common frauds these days is online shopping scams about which we are going to specifically talk in this article. One such fraudulent website claiming to be a genuine e-commerce platform is Fatalmondel.

It is an e-commerce website that offers a wide range of electronics such as wireless headsets, musical instruments, laptops, and much more. The website is designed like any other e-commerce platform and nothing seems wrong with it. These websites cannot be declared scams until someone got swindled by one of them.

In this article, we will discuss in detail all the possible techniques that can be used to identify a potential scammer.

What Is Wrong with Fatalmondel (Fatalmondel com)

fatalmondel com

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Now let’s dig a little deeper and unleash the actual scam that is pulled by Fatalmondel. The overall website feels pretty genuine and without any reviews, a person can hardly learn if it is a scam or not.

The website has a very decent about us page, a privacy policy page, and a contact us page. The expected delivery time for an order is around 5 days. The website also has a prolonged terms and conditions page.

You might be wondering, what the problem is then? Well, after you place an order and pay for it online, you expect to receive your order within 5 days. But in reality, your order never arrives. People have posted reviews about Fatalmondel online saying that the representatives never reply to any of their emails and calls. Once the payment is processed, all communication stops from the platform’s side.

Let us look at some statistical information about the website Fatalmondel.

Domain Summary

Domain Label Fatalmondel
Global Traffic Rank n/a
Estimated Visitors n/a
Estimated Page Impressions n/a
Domain Creation Date November 24, 2008
Domain Age 13 years and 4 months (4,868 days)
IP Address
Web Server Location United States

The Other Type of Scam

fatalmondel com

Source: Ridzeal.com

The above scam which we discussed included the fact that the product never got delivered. There is one other type of scam where the owners of the platform are good enough to deliver the product. Only that the product delivered is not what the customer intended of getting.

Firstly, the customer gets entirely a different product which he/she never ordered. This might be a replacement of the originally ordered product in an attempt to scam the customer. This different product is a cheap quality product. Sometimes, you might get useless items such as bricks and stone pieces that depict the weight of the actual product.

Similarly, many times you get what you order, but the quality is entirely different. These are usually the first copies of the original product. The quality of the product is very poor in most cases, especially in clothing.

Most quality-related scams usually occur in clothing websites as it is very difficult to verify the original quality. Electronic items such as headphones and apple products like AirPods are most often sold on these websites. These products are copies of the original product.

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How to Identify Scam Websites Like Fatalmondel

There are some ways in which you could limit your chances to be scammed drastically. We have mentioned some of these below:

  • Domain Name

Checking the domain name is the first thing you should do. Many fake websites don’t have the .com extension. If you find any weird extensions you haven’t heard of before, it’s better to stay away from that site.

  • Is The Offer Too Good To Be True?

People get mesmerized instantly when they find an amazing offer that saves themselves a ton of bucks. However, fake websites take this psychological reaction to their benefit. They put unrealistic offers that give customers an amazing deal for a limited time.

In reality, this is done to only fish out some extra money from customers. It is better to stay alert when you witness any such dramatic offers and do often check the competition to see if they host such offers or not. Mostly, offers recognized on a large scale are only done on occasions such as New Year’s Eve, Black Friday, etc.

  • Avoid Paying By Bank Transfer

Fake websites mostly only have the option of direct bank transfers. This is to ensure that their scam gets fulfilled right away. It is advised to only choose cash on delivery option while ordering online. The online transfer should only be done when you are 100% sure about the legitimacy of the platform.

  • Browse the Website

To be surer about the legitimacy of an e-commerce platform, browse the website thoroughly and look out for any identifiable red flags. You should check out the about us page, privacy policy page, and the terms and conditions page. Many fraudulent websites don’t have proper pages for the above-mentioned categories.

  • Check the Returns Policy

No fraudulent website will ever offer you a returns policy. This is the first thing you should look for when identifying a fraud website.

  • Research Online

The best way to identify a scam website is to search for it on Google. Attach the word “scam” to any website you survey about. If you get positive results from your searches, it means that the website is a fraud.

A pro tip is to look for the padlock sign right beside the URL of the website. Missing padlock means the website is not secured and maybe a fraud.

Wrapping Up

We hope you learned a great deal about Fatalmondel and the ways of identifying a scam website.

Have a great day!

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