Human Resource Policies and Procedures – HR policies and procedures are the formal norms and regulations. It provides an organization with the fundamental standards that firms must follow while putting things in place. Some of the most important human resource policies are listed here. Click here for HR Consultants In Lahore.

Workforce attendance and regularity policy

Attendance that is in accordance with the HR plan clearly communicates the expectation that the workforce be on time and prepared to work for their individual scheduled shifts. It is also important to highlight the procedures for notifying management of late arrivals or unexpected absences. Those factors should be carefully considered while developing HR policies.

Health and security

Employers with particular workplace dangers are required by the Professional Safety and Health Act to have certain safety regulations in place. Aside from these legal obligations, it is a good idea to include emergency and safety measures in your employee handbook. You should be aware of Pakistan’s human resource policy, explain on the parameters that human capital must follow if a workplace trauma occurs, and also mention the presumption that all work-related accidents must be reported.

Approach to payment and timekeeping

A timekeeping policy discusses the importance of accurately documenting work hours as well as the proper procedures for doing so. You can also incorporate excellent hr policies for payday that inform employees about crucial aspects of their reimbursement. Typically, the following concerns are overlooked when developing HR policies:

When a payday falls on a holiday, the process is precisely stated.

Methods of payment

The frequency of paydays.

Policy on meals and breaks

Employees must be given breaks for meals, rest, and lactation in all enterprises. Establishing appropriate human resource policies and processes for these criteria allows you to apply the rules and constraints related these break tenures, such as duration and frequency.

Workplace leave and vacation policies

Local leave requirements, such as voting leave, must be included in your organization’s employee handbook. You should also look into the organization’s policy on employee time off. There are many distinct types of leave policies and processes, including:

Absenteeism leave.

Leave for bereavement.

Parental leave is granted.

Leave for family reasons.

I’m on sick leave.

Take a vacation.

Leave for statutory holidays.

Policy on Employment Categorization

Employees are classified in a variety of ways, which might impact their eligibility for employee benefits. Part-time employees, for example, are frequently ineligible for healthcare insurance through their company. According to Pakistani human resource policy, you should explicitly define these classifications in your employee handbook.

Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies

Establishing strong tailored HR policies and procedures that prohibit discrimination and harassment can help to ensure that your workplace remains safe for all employees.

Policy on Recruitment

An at-will recruiting policy states that either the employee or the organization can end their working relationship for any legal cause at any time. Most provinces recognize at-will employment, and most organizations in Pakistan consider it an HR policy. As a result, this statement must be included at the beginning of the employee handbook and again on the acknowledgement form.

Policy on social media

To safeguard the company’s online integrity, several firms have begun to include a social media policy in employee handbooks. You should specify what topics or information employees are not permitted to publish on social media. Explain the disciplinary action that will be taken if they breach one of the specified rules; make it a part of your HR policy.

Policy on telecommuting

Because of technological advancements, many employees can now work remotely rather than in the main office. If it hasn’t already been done, it should be included in the HR policy-making process. Explain your organization’s perspective on remote work, and then list the HR plan and related telecommuting policies. These should contain items such as:

Positions that are eligible for remote work.

Any restrictions for remote roles?

How do you keep track of remote employees?

Pay and scheduling policies

Workplace firearms policy and procedures

Employers are fully responsible for their employees’ safety and well-being. You can either include a definition of violence and prospective guns rules in a broader safety policy or handle them separately. In either case, explain the types of weapons you consider weapons, as well as any forbidden behavior and disciplinary methods.

Drug and alcohol policy

Draft a policy outlining the organization’s stance on drugs and, in particular, alcohol, while keeping in mind the hr policy in Pakistan regarding specific substances. It is important to specify which substances you prohibit, any testing processes you employ, and the disciplinary action you will take if this policy is violated.

Policy on Isolation

Policies that are secretive or confidential communicate the precise topics that employees must keep private. Give examples of private information, employee responsibilities, and the penalties of violating the organization’s confidentiality policy.

Policy on personal devices

Many employees choose to use their own devices, such as personal computers, tablets, and smart phones, for company or business enterprise purposes. As a result, measures must be scrutinized. Address issues such as which personal devices employees may use for work, how you will monitor them, and any limitations or security needs. Find here the HR Services in Dubai.

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