Quenching millions of thirst across the state and beyond, Brita UK has supplied clean drinking water to millions of homes for the past 30 years. It is a private label company serving the UK’s energy and utility sector Industry. Over the years, the popularity and demand for brita water filter cartridges have increased immensely. Therefore, coping up and providing the mass audience with their desired products is a continuous challenge. Brita has lived up to the market standards for three decades and yet still resumes its high standards. This blog will see an overview of the Global Database for the brand and everything else. 


Brita Company Profile 


Brita is a private label company incorporated on 25-03-1992 in the UK that employs 124 people based in BRITA HOUSE 9 GRANVILLE WAY. Here are a few more specifications about the company 


  • Registration No (02700375) 
  • Company Status – Active 
  • 124 Employees 
  • Beatrice Konig-Stölzel (Company Director) 


Brita Financial Report 


It’s no surprise that BRITA has roped in countless monetary values depending upon its product quality and services. The brand itself holds a strong reputation due to its thriving business nature. Hence, we can look at how much worth the brands hold in figures with their submitted financial report for 2020. 


According to the company, the business has £77 Million. At the same time, the gross profit accounts for £17 Million, while the cash is roughly £4 Million. If we compare this report to the previous one, we can see a clear difference as the company reported a yield increase of 7.66%. On the other hand, the gross profit went up by 11.08%. 


The total net assets for Brita are 1.9 million, and the total profit after tax remains at 5.3 million. Also, their working capital is 10.1 million. 


Brita Water Filters Directors and Key Executive 


The company Brita currently employs 124 people as their total staff members. Compared to previous reports, the brand increased staff by 6%, which translates into seven new staff members. However, we cannot disclose or provide you with any additional information about all the employees working at the company. However, we can list down the names of a few prominent company directors and a potential email address so wanting personalities can get in touch and inquire about their products and services. 


  • Beatrice Konig-Stölzel (Director)
  • Clive Seabrook (Director) 
  • Markus Kirschner (Director) 
  • Markus Hankammer (Director) 
  • Michael Beining (Director) 


Apart from this, you can contact Brita Customer service at their consumer care contact page on the website or via call on the numbers registered. 


Brita Product Range 


Now that we have all the facts and figures, we can finally focus on the essential things like Brita Products. The range of water filters is extensive and has widespread usage alongside a large target market. Brita water filters have continued to supply clean drinking water to countless audiences, from homes to commercial areas, corporate companies, and even healthcare centers. Brita’s first choice for everyone who wishes to drink filtered water, from kids to adults and old. Brita has to offer a variety of products, and here’s a small snippet of some by a lot. 


  • Brita’s Water filter jugs 
  • Brita’s water filter bottles 
  • Brita water filter cartridges
  • Accessories and Spare Parts 
  • Easy Tap Solutions 


Apart from this, they also have dispensers, pitchers, and much more under their name that help solve all water-related problems instantly. Furthermore, people can also find the Brita app that allows you to select products, services, and other installed programs. 


Where To Find Brita Products 


If you’re a direct consumer looking for a water filter for your home or office, you can easily spot a Brita product in your nearest appliance store. However, if you’re a B2B customer, we recommend contacting the Wholesale UK Store one of the best wholesalers UK stores. They have almost everything you could need from the brand Brita. You can find all the products for bulk buying at reasonable prices and a tempting profit margin from the rest of the market. Make sure to check them out. 


Moreover, we hope this article helped you find out everything about the company Brita and its current scenario. The brand sets new standards in the utility and energy sectors by providing healthier options and a cleaner environment. 

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