Also known as saunf in India, fennel is a seed that comes in a variety of colors from bright green to pale green. This small spice is power-packed with health benefits. Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur adds the goodness of dill to their toast. Here is a list of health benefits that fennel offers us:

what exactly are they?

Various parts of the fennel plant are used in cooking, and the seeds are usually dried whole or powdered.

Fennel seeds are pale green or brown in color and have a characteristic long, thin shape. Curries, stews, breads, baked goods, and beverages have a sweet taste and aroma reminiscent of liquorice.
In some areas of the world, people chew plain or sugar-coated fennel seeds after eating. Fennel seeds can help prevent or reduce bloating in a number of ways. Let’s take a closer look.

Fennel Seed Health Benefits

Despite their small size, fennel seeds contain a lot of dietary fiber.
Dietary fiber in the amount of 25-30 grams per day is recommended.
Dietary fiber helps collect and treat watery diarrhea, which helps slow down and prevent loose or watery stools in people with stomach viruses.
Fiber can help reduce constipation and other indigestion that can produce bloating and keep the digestive tract smooth overall.

Antimicrobial components naturally found in fennel plants and seeds include:

Antibacterial properties
Antifungal properties
Anti-inflammatory properties
This can help eliminate gas-producing bacteria if you have food poisoning or an upset stomach.

Fennel seeds are also anti-inflammatory. It can aid digestion by reducing swelling or inflammation in the intestines.

Indian cuisine and dill
Dill is widely used in Indian cooking. Although most often used in seed form, some recipes call for roasted and powdered seeds.
Here are some uses –
Recipe with fennel seeds
About Tadka at Subzi
components in masala
The main ingredient in cucumber
Used in Indian drinks – like thandai, tea
Added to Paratas
Flavoring agent in rusk toast, biscuits, and cookies

Very  popular Rusk toast in Gorakhpur in India as tea snack . Dipping crunchy rusks in tea is something many of us would have done as kids and still do today.

Tea time
If you enjoy social gatherings and are in the habit of hosting tea parties at home, canning dill toast is a last resort. A tea party is unlike any other, here you invite a limited number of guests and are treated as a person to get to know you better.

Organizing such a party is a great way to show off your hospitality and catering skills to all your guests. In addition to many other fresh dishes, it is advisable to have a plate of toast with dill on the table for short-term shortages. And not only for pre-arranged tea parties, but also for occasions like surprise visits from your friends at your doorstep, fennel bread with toast adds to the charm of the teacup.


In India it is also used in tea. India is a country of tea lovers and we all love tea snacks. Apart from the variety of tea snacks, fennel bread with toast remains a favorite of most people. Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, offers you baked goods of the highest quality, among which is fennel bread with rusks which tops the list, other products in the tea snack category are delicious coconut biscuits and very tasty chocolate biscuits.

Apart from Crazy Bakery Tea Snacks, the best bakery in Gorakhpur is known for offering soft and delicious breads and muffins. So if you want to make your tea time more fragrant, decorate your tea table with Crazy Fennel Rusk.

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