There are days when our hair looks pretty only when we have an appointment. One is unsure if they’re going to wake up and their head will be a tangled mess of terribleness or with amazing curls that one could never ask for more. It’s more than annoying, but these days happen sometimes; it just sucks. So on those mornings you’re wondering why your hair isn’t cooperating in any way – here’s some advice worth considering to get the best out of your Half up Half down hairstyles!

Time to make a good hair day even better? These styles will help you take your everyday looks to the next level. Looking for new ways to style your hair? Set out supplies like extensions, bobby pins, and other accessories, and try out different looks until you find ones that work for you!


Half up half down braids with weave

They are all the rage this fall when it comes to berry tones. And there’s nothing quite as retro-cool as making a glam statement with one of these exceptionally-rich hues. Apply purple onto damp hair and blow-dry until completely dry to recreate this stunning look. Allow light to play up top with waves or curls for an extra va-va-voom vibe!

If you’re looking to flaunt your hair in a new way, consider styling it half up half down braids with weave. This look is simple and glamorous. Just brush the top of your hair upwards, then pull it back so that some pieces hang loose around your face, leaving the rest to fall loosely around the crown of your head. Curly weave into a big plait or two smaller ones easy to add volume and thickness to radiant locks that need a boost. You can finish the look by pulling the plaits into a headband or letting weave drape over one shoulder; both are equally as beautiful!

Braids are ALWAYS in
Braids are ALWAYS in

Ponytail half up half down weave

When in doubt, create this elegant and versatile style with bobby pins. A variation – follow your heart! Section the top portion of your hair at the top of your crown and secure it as a curly half up half down weave with elastic. If desired, add waves or increase the volume using lace headbands. Choose weave hair with a lovely loose texture such as Bundles body wave or loose wave bundles made from natural weave because it is more manageable and makes styling easier.

Ponytail all the way!
Ponytail all the way!

Classy Closure for a good day

When you wake up and realize you cannot brush your hair, it’s time for a weave. Yet another pitfall of curly hair is its tendency to frizz. Half up half down Closure adds instant elegance to any look, especially when it is done with virgin hair, which preserves all the cuticles in their normal orientation. Unfortunately, wearing a half down sew in with braids can lead to some major tangling, so it’s best not to wear one too often – they can wreak havoc on your humble follicles!

Class up your style with classy closure!
Class up your style with classy closure!

Final Word

It’s no secret there are many hairstyles out there, but these three tend to be the most accessible and commonly used. Applying any of them to your mane when in a pinch will help ensure you look your best regardless of what mood your hair is in. To see how it all works for yourself, try one or more of these styles on for size the next time you’re feeling too exhausted to put real effort into your hairstyle! 

And if you find that some of the supplied suggestions tickle your fancy, then shopping through True Glory Hair should end up pleasing both you and your wallet.

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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