Speaking of desert safaris in Dubai, Dubai is the first place that comes to mind. Dubai is always popular for adventure travel in the desert. Enjoy a ride in the desert looking at the landscape.

The length of your trip depends on which package you choose. When you are in Dubai, there are many tour operators who can help you get the best desert safari. Dubai also has a night safari, evening safari, and day safari.

Dubai is a great place to go on a desert safari, thanks to the vast expanse of the Arabian desert, the many experiences you will experience under the sand dunes, and the many exciting things you can do every day. There are many different photo tours available. You can also choose from desert safaris, night safaris and desert nights – all glowing blue.

When you get there, you can enjoy camel rides, sandboarding and try henna on your hands or feet. You can also watch a beautiful skimmer.

Camel Safari in Dubai

Soaking bikes in the desert is a fun thing in Dubai, but riding the Camel is slow and smooth. Ride on the back of a camel to see the world around you better.

The camel can go to places where cars can’t. You will also visit a camel farm during your tour of Dubai. Then you go to a camp where you can do things like quad biking and sand skiing and more.

Dune Bashing

Drive 4×4 into the desert so you can comfortably walk through the desert and with the driver behind you. These tours are combined with other activities such as dune bashing or sandboarding, so check out these all-inclusive tours.

Make your way to the 4×4 drive so you can ride it over the sand mountains with a professional tire! This is a good thing if you love adrenaline. You can feel the excitement as you drive up and down the jeep in the sand mountains. Planet Adventure is a great place to find the best deals on jeep safaris that include these types of tours.

Falconry in the desert

See falcons fly up to 4,000 feet and show off your skills. They are trained to do so. To make the experience even better, add a hot air balloon flight and a gourmet breakfast.


Try sandboarding, which is a popular dessert sport. When you go on a desert safari, you have to slide on the sandy mountains.

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Horse riding

Like riding a camel, you can ride a horse through the desert. These types of experiences are unique and at the same time great for relaxation. A guide will accompany you on your horse. The journey takes about 90 minutes.

Ride an ATV Quad Bike

Ride an ATV in the desert and it’s great fun. When you get an ATV, they will show you how to use it and supply your safety equipment. You can also ride in a buggy, which will be more comfortable. You can also ride in a buggy, which will be more comfortable.

Vintage Land Rover

To make your desert safari more luxurious, you can ride in the desert with a retro land rover, which looks great. Since these tours include many other things to make your desert safari even better, they can be expensive.

Night in the camp in the desert

It is better to spend the night in the desert to have a unique experience. There is a royal retreat in the Dubai desert where you can sleep and relax after a long day full of fun. There are many different ways to get a good deal on a hotel room for the night, so be sure to take a look around.

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