In the latest trends of web affairs, you can find the demand for Agile and Scrum. Many multinational IT companies are really looking forward to working with candidates who are well-skilled with the basic concepts of the Scrum framework and application. 


Looking into the facts, we can notice that scrum is defined as an agile framework. This framework is use intensively to complete the project work. It is mostly developed for software developments in project manufacture. But this framework can be used in other complex project files also. It helps the workers to take the quick and agile methodologies decision early. There is a number of opportunities for candidates those you want to take a career in the agile and scrum sector. They can dedicate their time to making serious decisions for complex projects. In scrum certification, you can find two more certifications. They are CSM and PSM. The CSM certification is khow as a certified scrum master, and PSM means professional scrum masters. Both the certification has its own importance and got recognize by the organization. 


The CSM and PSM both the certification basically focus on software development. They both have more importance in each other field, but they vary in a different sense. 


You must be getting some questions, like what can add value to your career? Which is the best CSM or PSM? Like this, you can get a lot of questions. So let’s clear those questions?


So, you must know some points that are require before choosing your career. In CSM, you need to get a minimum of 69%, and for PSM, you need at least a minimum of 85% for passing the exam. For both the examination, you get the questions in multiple-choice patterns. In CSM examination, you get no time limit while giving the answers, wherein in PSM, you get 60 minutes to complete all the full 80 questions. In CSM certification, you need to renew the certificate in 2 years. There is no need to renew the certification in PSM certification. The certification cost of the CSM is about $1200, whereas, for the PSM certification, the cost is about $150. In CSM certification, you need to go for 2 days of training, and then you can go for the exam. But in the case of PSM certification, it much harder than CSM. You need to invest more time in getting the certification of PSM. 


The CSM certification is more like a diploma course. This helps in choosing your own institute to continue the class or training. It’s very easy to get the certification by doing only two classes or training. You must know the points that you get only two attempts to pass the examination. In PSM certification, the examination is complete by It is not so easy at all. You need to pass at least three levels of PSM certification. They are PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III. Forgiving the certification, you need to buy the password from, and then you can enroll for the certification. You need to have some years of experience in completing the Scrum framework, which is based on scenario-based.


After getting yourself enroll in the system, you need to give the exam. Then you need to pass the examination. When in PSM and CSM, the passing scores are different. You need to score at least 69% for passing the exam. In the PSM examination, you need to have at least 85% to pass the examination. So it is see that the CSM passing score is quite low when compared to PSM passing score. Both the examination follows the multiple-choice question patterns. The questions are like true or false or multiple-choice questions or essay type questions. The examination of PSM is quite harder than CSM. 


Both PSM and CSM certification gets highly acknowledged in the Scrum sector. They have their own significance. You can notice that CSM is very easy as compared to PSM, but the antiquity makes them most comparable to the PSM. So both the certification has their equal values. Considering all those factors discussed above, and then PSM is one of the better choices. When you get the certification of PSM, then you can get recognize as the professional Scrum Master. So prepare yourself well and start getting the certification.

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