Termites, Ants, Bedbugs, and Mosquitoes are some of the common pests that can infest businesses. Understanding how to spot these pests can help you determine the best approach to take. Commercial pest control should be performed early, preferably before the infestation reaches a critical size. In a hurry? Read on to learn more about the best time to get rid of these pests. In addition to eliminating these pests, commercial pest control can also protect your employees from illness, which is especially important when food safety and brand value are compromised.


If you’re in the business of property management, termites can make your job difficult. An annual inspection will likely not keep your property pest free, which will cost thousands of dollars. In order to avoid costly repairs, invest in a termite control solution that is guaranteed to eliminate termites. The price of commercial termite treatment will depend on several factors, including the size of the infestation and the number of termites.

Typical termite treatments are liquid and direct. These treatments are also called “spot treatments.” During a spot treatment, a professional will shoot a foam-based termiticide into existing cracks and crevices. The termites in this type of treatment die through the poison transmitted through the wood. Another common termite treatment is baits, which are poison-filled traps strategically placed around the perimeter of a home or building. Once termites have discovered the bait, they will eat it and carry it back to their colony, where they will spread it to the rest of the colony.


Ants are common pests that can make your life a real nightmare. Thousands of them live in colonies and can easily find their way into your house, kitchen, or pantry. Commercial pest control services specialize in eliminating ant infestations, so hiring a pest control expert is a good idea. But how can you protect yourself from the sting of a hungry ant? Read on to learn more about ant control solutions.

Common species of ants are pavement ants and pharaoh ants. Pavement ants are small and generally build their nests in pavement cracks, but they can also invade your home or business. Pharaoh ants are large and often infest nursing homes and hospitals, and their habitats are usually damp and decayed wood. Spray treatments should be applied in all areas where you have ant infestations. For wall voids, you may have to drill holes in them.

Bed bugs

The most difficult part of bed bug control is treating the rest of the house. Although it may be possible to isolate the bed and only treat it, this approach isn’t always effective. If the infestation has spread to other rooms, professional help will likely needed. In such cases, it is important to separate treated furniture from untreated items. Alternatively, you can use sticky cards to prevent bed bugs from making their way to your mattress.

In addition to a bedroom, any room that people sleep in is a prime location for bedbugs. These creatures tend to start in one room and then spread slowly to other places where people sleep. Detecting the infestation early will allow you to eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand. If you are in the travel industry, it is especially important to have early detection for preventing an infestation. Hospitals and long-term care facilities are also susceptible to bedbug infestations. This is because these pests often hitchhike from one patient to another. In any of these situations, you can protect your reputation and your business by hiring an experienced commercial pest control service to eradicate the infestation.


While a beautifully manicured golf course, a lovely restaurant patio or a family picnic can entice people, mosquitoes can ruin the fun. Thankfully, commercial mosquito control methods are available. Commercial mosquito control methods include using chemical sprays and natural pest control techniques. When you are looking for a company to control mosquitoes, make sure to ask about their methods. They should be able to explain their options to you after evaluating the area and inspecting the premises.

Aerial spraying conducted by helicopter or airplane during dusk and dawn in areas where mosquitoes are a problem. A licensed pesticide sprayed on the area, with droplets being dispensed in ultra-low volumes. These droplets kill adult mosquitoes on contact and have no residual effect. Most aerosol droplets do not reach the ground, so commercial mosquito control methods use them on a daily basis.

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