Clix, or the Clix keyboard, is a brand new word processor that has already seen success in Europe. The keyboard is said to be faster than typing and will make it easier for anyone to create content for their blog, website, or even books without needing to invest in a lot of expensive software. The Clix Keyboard allows the user to enter text directly into their blog posts, websites, and even ebooks. The keyboard is designed to be extremely fast and holds as many keys as a standard QWERTY keyboard. It makes it possible to use your laptop while still being able to place words on a page in seconds rather than minutes. This means that you won’t have to wait for your computer screen to warm up in order to start writing something down, simply right away.

What is Clix?

Clix is a word processor that is programmed to copy words faster than you type them. It has a set of widgets that allow you to create documents, titles, headers, footers, and tables. It also has a number of smart text formatting tools for things like bolding, highlighting, and changing the font size. In addition to being able to copy words faster than typing them in the document, it has a spell checker. This can help you catch errors that are the result of typing mistakes. Clix is extremely intuitive and easy to learn, which makes it a great word processor for newcomers to computer word processing.
Integrated Help: Since Clix is a word processor, its main function is to be able to create documents. Therefore, it has integrated help with the magnified view window. This allows for additional help within your document so that when you make a mistake, you can hover over the error and see it.

What Makes clix Faster?

Clix is a word processing application that has built-in clix software that allows you to increase the speed of your typing. The software enables the user to adjust the length of their words, letters, and characters. They can also use text formatting tools such as bolding, underlining, and italicizing.

Mongraal keyboards

The mongraal keyboard is a newly designed computer keyboard with a special design that makes it easier to type. It has a curved shape and is based on the user’s hand positions. The key positions are numbered in a way that makes them easy to adapt to.


How Does Clix Work?

Clix is a word processor, but it was developed with the purpose of being faster than other word processors. Its unique implementation of using a combination of text-to-speech and typing uses the latter to type the text and then produce it aloud in real-time. The user can also use their own voice to speak the words. Additionally, when clix decides that there are too many errors in what is being written, it will decrease the speed at which they are typed until they are perfect.


Clips are the first-word processor that can copy words faster than you type. It’s a simple, yet amazing tool. There are no settings to change, yet there are over a hundred customizable clix keyboard shortcuts to make your work go by much faster.

Clips vs. Copy

The clip is a word processing application that lets you efficiently move, organize, and sync your text across devices. In contrast to the traditional “type-copy” method, Clip allows for faster and more efficient in-place editing by letting you take any word or sentence from one place and put it in another.


Clix is the first-word processor that can copy words faster than you type. It’s an exceptional tool for people who want to save time and are willing to put in a lot of hard work. The app uses your phone’s microphone and accelerometer so it does not require any data or connectivity. It’s also incredibly affordable, for only $4.99 on the App Store.


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