Class 12 Accountancy paper is one of the most challenging papers in the entire commerce syllabus. This is the only subject that includes a lot of theory and practical sections. So, overall if you want to score good marks in Accountancy, you must have practised a lot of questions. Moreover, the syllabus must also be completed on time and efficiently. So the students can get time to revise the syllabus once.

Other than solving the book questions the student must do is to solve the class 12 commerce sample paper and the previous year’s papers. These all practices will let the students understand their preparation and the improvements if any. In this article, we will further learn about the different strategies and the tips to score good marks in Accountancy but first, let us go through the curriculum.

Class 12 Accountancy Curriculum

Term 1 Accountancy Curriculum:

  • Unit: Accounting for Partnership Firms Units/Topics
  • Accounting for Partnership firms – Reconstitution
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Accounting for Companies
  • Accounting for Share Capital
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Overview of Computerised Accounting System
  • Accounting Application of Electronic Spreadsheet

Term 2 Accountancy Curriculum:

  • Accounting for Not – For Profit Organisations
  • Accounting for Partnership Firms
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Accounting for Partnership firms – Reconstitution and Dissolution
  • Dissolution of a partnership firm
  • Accounting for Companies
  • Accounting for Debentures
  • Financial statements of a Company
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Using Computerized Accounting System
  • Database Management System (DBMS)

Tips for scoring the highest marks

Now, let us move toward some practical tips you can use to score the highest marks in the class 12 Accountancy Boards Exam.

Please go through the Syllabus and complete it on time.

The first step that all the students need to follow to grab good marks in Accountancy class 12 is to understand the syllabus. At the very first step, you need to download the syllabus for Accountancy from the official site of CBSE. Next, you need to go through the topics asked in the exam. Now, make a proper timetable allocating all the chapters of Accountancy for a specific day. Complete the syllabus at least 2 months of the exam so that you can get enough time of revision at last.

Focus on the weightage of each chapter

Next, for innovative preparation, students must also go through the Exam pattern of the Accountancy paper. In the exam pattern, you will understand the importance of each of the chapters. So, as per the weightage, place the topics with height weightage at the top and the one with low weightage at the bottom. Accordingly, arrange the topics and go through the topics in the given sequence so that you can cover all the major topics at the beginning itself to ensure high marks.

Practice a lot of practical questions

In a subject like Accountancy, practice is required the most. Since the subject has a lot of practical concepts, it brings the requirement of lots of numerical and solving types of questions. This is why the theory knowledge alone will not be able to give you good marks. So, start practising chapter-wise questions at first. Afterwards, go for the sample question papers and last year’s question paper. While solving these papers, maintain a mock examination environment and practice time management in the exam.

Join the online classes for Class 12 Accountancy

The last and most effective tip to complete the entire Accountancy syllabus on time is to join online classes for Class 12 Accountancy. The online courses are easy to access and consist of recorded lectures for all the chapters. So, after the completion of the video lectures, students can practice the questions made available in the online classes. Also, students should not spend their time travelling for offline courses. Taking online classes will be your best companion to complete the Accountancy syllabus with a proper schedule.

Online classes help in scoring the highest marks.

Online classes are one of the best ways to complete the entire Accountancy syllabus on time with maximum practice to get high marks in exams. We do not miss the classes in the online course since we have the recorded ones. Also, since no travelling is required, you can quickly complete the syllabus while staying at your home. You can also ask about the doubts in the live doubt session and solve them. But also, do remember that not all the online platforms for Class 12 Accountancy will be providing these all features to you. The one that can assist you with these benefits is Vidya Setu. Now, let us see the features of Vidya Setu that help the students to score the highest marks on the Accountancy papers.

  • At VidyaSetu, you can get the recorded and live lectures for all the chapters of Class 12 Accountancy.
  • All of the lectures and the study materials at Vidya Setu are free of cost.
  • The best faculty of the respective course teaches you the entire syllabus very efficiently with proper revisions and doubt solving sessions.
  • Vidya Setu also conducts the mock tests for the Class 12 Accountancy so that the students can check their progress and work accordingly.
  • Also, the students get all the study materials and the practice questions in Vidya Setu for free.

Therefore, all these features collectively make the online classes the best way to complete the entire syllabus timely and effectively.


Therefore, Accountancy is the primary subject for the Commerce stream students in Class 12. This is why they must prepare for Accountancy with maximum effort. Also, as compared to other subjects, Accountancy is quite lengthy and full of both theory and practical questions. Learning the theory part alone will not help you with the exams. Instead, you must have prepared enough questions and practised to the maximum extent to make it out for a high mark. Along with all this, completing the syllabus on time also matters the most in preparing

for the Accountancy exam. For this, we have the best online learning platform with us, Vidya Setu. Hence, students can complete their entire syllabus from the online lectures of VidyaSetu.

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