You can have a lot of difficulties in hosting a virtual exhibition. But the biggest problem that you need to deal with is killing all the rumors. You must have a full-proof solution for all the challenges you face in virtualizing the trade show or an exhibition.

But how to make it possible? How can you achieve success in it? 

So, here are all the solutions for all the challenges you face in virtualizing your trade show or exhibition.


Challenges of Virtualizing Exhibitions with Solutions!

1. Finding an Experienced Expert

It can be hard to find an experienced virtual exhibition platform expert. Everyone says that they are the best and try to influence them with attractive graphics. But you can trust everyone who is costly or less expensive. You need to notice the quality and features instead of the money and website ambiance. 

Solution: However, you can compare and find the best virtual event solution available online. All you need is the knowledge of the features and functionalities that you can get with that platform. 

Still, if you need any assistance, here is a complete list of features and functionalities that you must look for in your virtual art exhibition platform. 


  • Popularity Score
  • Signature Wall
  • Social Wall
  • LIVE Session Poll
  • CXO Lounge
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Live Audio and Video Call 
  • Networking Tables
  • Dynamic Banners Functionality
  • Ai Matchmaking Tool
  • Browser-Based Solutions
  • Gamification
  • Custom Environment
  • Diy Booth Button Icons And Names
  • Notifications
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Hoot, Clap, Thumbs Up, Heart, and Emoticons
  • Whatsapp And Zoom Meeting Integration
  • Access Control
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Leaderboard
  • Networking Tables
  • AR Photobooth
  • Dynamic Banners
  • Document Download
  • Seamless Networking
  • Standard Microsite
  • Easy Navigation


2. Changing the Exhibitor Mindset

It can be challenging to make your organizer understand the quality and benefits of conducting a virtual exhibition. They will tell you a lot of difficulties and share that they can not make it possible. At last, they will talk about the budget and expenses. 

Solution: So, the easiest solution for such trouble is to tell them all the advantages you can get by reaching the virtual art exhibition platform experts. Make them count all the savings on their fingertips, and make sure you include all the expenses of conducting a physical event. For instance, start with venue rent, decoration charges, extra charges for your desired inputs for decorations, parking charges, and refreshments & snacks expenses. Then comes the speaker’s expenditures. You have to pay for their sessions along with the food expenses, accommodation expenses, and sometimes traveling expenses. So, in conclusion, you have to pay for each and everything related to your in-person exhibition. 

But with the virtual exhibition platform, everyone can attend the event from their respective locations. So, you can save a lot of money by pivoting to virtual exhibitions. 

3. Lack of Virtual Trade Show Content Share Knowledge

You may be confused about how you will be able to share various information in a virtual exhibition. How can you share the content and do branding via the flyers and brochures? 

Solution: You can get numerous features with the best virtual medical exhibition platform to create and share all the types of content, whether a pdf, file, flyers, or any document. Here are the key features to make a seamless virtual content sharing.

  • Offer High-End & Compelling Event Content: It is obvious to share content, such as files, pdfs, flyers, brochures, and various other content during an event. You can create a valid document library with the right virtual conference platforms, whether you have virtual medical conferences or pharmaceutical events. You can get complete ease to share various essential information with the audience. With Dreamcast Document Library, all the attendees will be able to view, download and bookmark the necessary content. So, you can create a separate library as well. 
  • Use Keynotes & Live Presentations: Your speakers must create some slides and keynotes to share with the attendees. These presentations make the session attractive and engage the audience till the end. Moreover, you can shortlist two to three topics for speech. Also, you can ask the attendees via live poll what they would like to hear. 
  • Use Multilingual Content to Reach More People: You can reach a global audience via the virtual event platform. But not everywhere in the world do people speak the same language. So, you must provide your event content in different languages. Moreover, multilingual content will impress the attendees and help you get their attention. 
  • Lack to Make Virtual Exhibition Connections

Exhibitors may think it can be hard to conduct connectivity among the virtual exhibition. They may not be able to get as many networking opportunities as many they get in an in-person event. 

Solution: You have to know all the networking opportunities you can get with the virtual exhibition platform. 

Attendees like the opportunity to connect with the other participants and speakers. You can conduct networking tables with 8 persons on each. Moreover, give users the option to discuss a topic with everyone. They can chat or call in audio and video mode. Also, you can participate and switch to the various tables. 

Secondly, give attendees the freedom to share their business cards and requests with others as well. This feature is one of the best virtual conference benefits. Users will stay throughout the event requesting and approving business card access. 

4. Lack Technical Knowledge

The most cliche excuse that every organizer or exhibitor gives is that they lack technical knowledge. They think they will require some coding or development knowledge to deal with such technologies.

Solution: You do not have to get any knowledge of IT, technology, or computer software. All you need is a list of your requirements for the virtual exhibition. Share that list with the best virtual medical exhibition platform experts in order to get the best services and all your needs. 

For instance, downloading virtual conferencing software and apps always troubles the audience. They require them to download a new one every time they register for a new event. Many attendees have drawbacks as they do not want to download more apps or software to their devices. You can efficiently troubleshoot this issue with a web-based solution. It will help them log in directly from the browser without requiring them to download any app or software. 

So, these are the various challenges that you face in virtualizing a trade show or an exhibition. You can get all the solutions for your problems in the above article. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to solving all the challenges you face in hosting a virtual exhibition.

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