Raccoons are a problem in Vancouver, besides many other cities in Canada. Additionally, the problem of raccoons has increased over time in a port city. No natural predator exists to keep the population of raccoons down. As a result, people in Vancouver confront raccoon problems in Vancouver over and over again. Commonly, they find racoon problem in their attics, tipping over garbage cans, living in chimneys, and stealing bird or pet food. Dealing with racoon problem on own poses threats. Contrarily, you have the option to contact experts, such as Pesticon for raccoon removal in Vancouver from the property.  

Raccoons And Their Behaviour

Raccoons are destructive urban mammals. Their strength, in combination with the determination to get food and shelter, make them a potential threat to homeowners. Raccoons have diverse skills that let them exhibit various behaviours. Nevertheless, most behaviours of raccoons revolve around the basics, such as foraging for food and looking for shelter. Raccoons are opportunistic animals, specifically when it comes to fulfilling their basic needs. The nimble fingers of raccoons allow them to open garbage cans and look for food easily. Raccoons can learn to open even new garbage bins quickly; hence, homeowners should always remain alert for raccoons.

Does Food Attract Raccoons?

If you leave a pizza box on your desk and a raccoon find a way to get inside your room, forget about your pizza. Raccoons may find their way into a room through your balcony door. Then, all raccoons may do is to search for food in the room, such as a pizza box. Raccoons can easily open objects, and a pizza box is no problem for raccoons to open and enjoy pizza. Food attracts raccoons, and dog or cat food invite them more to infest a home in Vancouver than a pizza. 

Besides, raccoons have lost their fear of people with time in many areas in Vancouver. Raccoons can even defend themselves against big dogs with their perishing fear of humans and pets in Vancouver. Hence, it is important to address raccoon problems with due care to get rid of raccoons from a property. 

Best Approach to Address a Raccoon Problem

One of the common methods to get rid of raccoons from a property is trapping and relocating them. Trapping raccoons entail you cover all entry holes that raccoons use except one. Make sure you have a one-way door installed for raccoons to exit but not enter. Once the raccoon exits your home, you can close the final entry hole. 

Moreover, you must follow certain precautions when baby raccoons are also present in your home. You will first need to remove the mother raccoon to let babies move into an insulated heated box near the hole. Then, the mother raccoon will return to the babies and relocate to a new safe site. It is the best approach to raccoon removal in Vancouver. Make sure you never trap a wildlife animal in your home because it is inhumane and illicit. Instead, you should call  an animal control service if raccoons are present on your property to ensure safe and humane raccoon removal.  

Why Should You Avoid Removing a Wildlife Animal Yourself?

Professional wildlife companies exits for a good reason in Vancouver. Besides, trapping and releasing raccoons yourself involves many risks. It is important for homeowners to see what laws apply in Vancouver regarding wildlife removal. Furthermore, raccoons are protected animals under the BC Wildlife Act. You don’t need a permit to trap and relocate raccoons in Vancouver if raccoons are destroying your property. On the other hand, harming wildlife on your property to trap animals is a crime. Moreover, professionals have the permits to remove wildlife animals from a property. They know the safest way to remove animals like raccoons from a property. Hence, you should opt for the legitimate way to remove raccoons from your property if raccoons infest it.

Traits of a Reliable Animal Control Service for Raccoon Removal

The following are the traits of a reliable animal control service in Vancouver for raccoon removal:

  • A credible animal control service remove raccoons from a property humanely and safely
  • It takes all preventive measures to remove wildlife animals, such as raccoons, from homes 
  • A professional animal control service has all the expertise to get rid of wildlife, such as raccoons, without harming animals.


Raccoons are a problem in Vancouver besides many other cities because no natural predators for raccoons exist. Usually, raccoons infest homes in Vancouver in search of food and shelter. Raccoons can easily open garbage cans with their nimble fingers to seek out food. Food is the main atraction for raccoons to infest homes in Vancouver. The best approach to raccoon removal in Vancouver is trapping and relocating raccoons to a safe place. To finish, a professional animal control service is expert at humanely and legitimately removing raccoons from a property.

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