Beer is an interesting topic that might attract a lot of people; no matter how much they like it; people do not know much about it.  Beers are one of the oldest of all alcoholic drinks known to mankind. It has been consumed by men since times immemorial. It is also the third most popular drink after water and tea in that order.


How Is Beer Made?

The process of making beer is known as brewing and beer is made by brewing a few ingredients together. And the where the whole process is completed is called a brewery. But history says that in ancient times, people used to make beer in their homes.

The first step in the beer-making process involves mixing the starch with hot water to make the wort, the alcoholic drink is called beer. The malted barley is mixed with hot water and the step is known as mashing which is done in a mashing tun. This step takes around 1-2 hours to complete. During this time, the starches are transformed into sugars while the sweet wort is drained off from the grains.

Sparging is the process where the grains are washed and, in this process, the brewer gets to gather most of the fermentable liquid from the grain. In modern breweries, a continuous sparge is used to gather the original wort and the sparge water together.

This wort is then put into a kettle and boiled for an hour to get rid of any excess water and enzymes in it while allowing the sugar and other components to remain. While the boiling process is going on hops are added to it to give it the characteristic bitter taste, flavor, and smell. The longer you boil the hops, the more bitter your beer becomes. But the flavor and the smell get weakened.

Once this hopped wort is cooled, yeast is added and this process can take a few weeks to a few months for the beer to process. After the fermentation process is over, the yeast and all the particulate matter in the beer settle and makes it clear.

Ingredients That Go into The Making of Beer:

The basic ingredients that are required to make the beer are water, a source of starch that could be as malted barley or maize, a brewer’s yeast, and hops that add the classic flavor, aroma and taste. Sometimes a combination of starch sources is used.

What are the benefits of having a beer?

When you are deciding upon the drink that you need to select for the holidays, here are the reasons behind choosing a beer.

  1. Beer has better antioxidants and higher vitamin B and protein than wine.
  2. When you have a safe amount of beer, it creates a good effect on your heart.
  3. Probably, it helps the chances of getting kidney stones too.
  4. It may create some good effects on your memory as well.
  5. The obvious one is- that it highly reduces stress. Therefore, you can have a good night’s sleep.
  6. It strengthens your bones. Therefore, you may become strong from the inside.

Side Effects of Beers:

When it drunk at moderate limits is quite safe for people. The safe limit could be 2-12 ounces per day. But if you need to drink more than that, spread your drinking time to the whole course of the day.

So, while drinking beer make sure that you are at the peak of health and adequate for sleep and exercise. And also, be sure not to take beer on an empty stomach. The quantity of your beer is a decisive factor in keeping you healthy. Getting your beer online is better than buying from the shops.

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