Microsoft Azure AZ-204 job-based certification is necessary for anybody trying to turn into a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer.

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification test AZ-204 approves and shows the mastery of the people playing out the Azure Developer job. This test estimates your total capacity to achieve the accompanying specialized assignments: foster Azure Infrastructure as a Service process arrangement; develop Azure Platform as a Service figure arrangement; create for Azure capacity; execute Azure security; screen, investigate, and improve performances; and interface with and consume Azure administrations and outsider administrations. 

Getting ready for Microsoft Azure AZ 204 Exam 

The following are a couple of ideas to consider before taking this test: 

  • To get more data on the tests’ administrations canvassed, visit the Microsoft Office Docs site or address your coach at the educational foundation. 
  • Microsoft learning modules remember a broad scope of exercises and hands-for data, which you shouldn’t pass up. 
  • Practice the example test questions as frequently as conceivable to get comfortable with the sort of inquiries you could experience in the exam. 

Attend the training tests 

Before taking Azure certifications test, a competitor’s top objective should continuously be to take practice tests as a piece of their Microsoft Certification on preparation. Proactively rehearsing the master organized Microsoft Azure AZ 204 test questions would permit the candidate to develop their skills and knowledge using time productively and quick reasoning abilities. Subsequently, the applicant’s possibility of passing the test would likewise increase. Many free AZ 204 practice tests are accessible online for the candidate. The training test papers given by Microsoft are, by a wide margin, the most significant piece for the preparation. These gave understanding into the construction of the requests and such issues that were supposed to emerge. Since there isn’t an example AZ 204 assessment at present, you can utilize the AZ-203 test to see better the sorts of inquiries you could anticipate. 

There are a few parts of the test structure that you should know about: 

  • Code tests are presented in an “excerpt” choice at the highest point of the question page for quite a long time. For instance, the inquiries range from multiple options to “drag and drop” sequencing of CLI orders. It would help if you perused the queries and answers mindfully to avoid missing minor realities. 
  • In the training tests, you get total points or no imprints for each question, yet in the genuine test, you acquire credit for half-right responses, which is fantastic for getting better scores. 
  • Endeavor all questions where you make sure to score well first, and afterwards go ahead with the others. 

Work on overseeing Azure Resources utilizing the CLI and C# SDKs 

Invest energy working on utilizing CLI and C# SDKs to oversee assets. Many test questions focused on setting up and keeping up with Azure arrangements, and rehearsing those early would make things much more straightforward and carry you closer to turning into a Microsoft ensured proficient. 

However, you don’t need to dominate the full CLI. Knowing how to deal with every one of the assets determined in the test models will help you a ton. Large numbers of the test’s more functional segments rotate around, figuring out which Azure asset is the best fit in a specific situation. The parts are regularly somewhat simple on the off chance that you go through the assets all around ok. 

Look at the Microsoft test materials

Managing the Microsoft Certification training materials occupies a ton of time, yet perusing each part is helpful since minor subtleties make picking between similar assets considerably more direct. For instance, capacity limitations that might preclude clear choices are gainful to have an overall feeling of – regardless of whether you know the exact sum. 

  • To sit for this test, you ought to be comfortable with the following key advantages or possibly be prepared to learn them during your course of planning for the test. 
  1. Azure ARM Templates 
  2. Azure Container Registry 
  3. “Docker” knowledge is also helpful 
  4. Web Apps (Tiers, Auto-scaling, Logs), Application Insights 
  5. Monitor 
  6. Functions (Connectors) 
  7. Logic Apps (Connectors) 
  8. Cosmo DB 
  9. Storage Account 
  10. Vault 
  11. Cache for Redis 
  12. Event Grid, Event Notification Hub, Event Hub 
  13. Service Bus, Queue Storage queues 


Try not to panic! At last, make an effort not to overreact! It can feel like there is an impossible volume of things to learn and recall. Be like as it may, there are many assets out there for aiding in thinning it down.

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