What to expect and what to do in the desert of Dubai

I first added a safari in Dubai to our itinerary as we prepared for a trip to the city. We have many options to choose from. But we were only in Dubai for four days, so we went on a desert safari at night. If you are planning a visit to Dubai and want to know what a Dubai desert safari is, we have written about the experience of the Dubai desert safari here.

Love desert safaris


  • The Dubai Desert is like a sci-fi movie. It is also one of the quietest places to visit on your way to the Middle East.
  • As you walk through the desert, you feel like you are a million miles away from the bright parts of the city.
  • It provides us with many opportunities to learn about the interesting Bedouin culture, heritage and traditional way of life in the region.
  • Everyone in the Arabian Desert says it’s like a movie.
  • I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful the desert landscape is.

Reservations in Desert Safari

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when you go on a desert safari. TripAdvisor and other review sites have helped us choose our desert safari company. Things we can do include red dune safaris, evening desert safaris, morning desert safaris, night desert safaris and hot air balloon rides. We wanted to try them all, but we booked an evening desert safari because we had time. It’s worth the money we spent because our desert package included activities, food, entertainment and especially hotel tours, so our desert safari was stress-free from start to finish.

Desert safari location

There are many things you need to know about the desert safari package  you want to buy. Not all areas of a desert safari in Dubai are the same, so don’t expect them to be the same as we are on a desert safari in Dubai; It will take place in the Al Awir area. If you decide to go on a Red Dune Safari, you can head to the mysterious, bright red sand dunes in the Al Lahbab area. This is possible for people who want to continue on Liwa Safari. This safari will take you to the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi, next to the largest sandy desert in the world, Rub al Khali. Start the journey

In this case, it has a night desert safari, so it is taken outside the hotel. There are two options: public and private. I chose the audience. He will accompany you, which makes the journey to the desert much easier. Travel agencies are very friendly and knowledgeable about Dubai deserts and more. They ensure that your trip to the desert can be fun and enjoyable.

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Main activities of Dubai Desert Safari

Dune Bash:

Another car was called the Land Cruiser and was very powerful. Tourists go to Dune bash when they arrive in the desert. Of course, traveling in the desert is one of them. This car is also only for your group of four. At the beginning of this electric ride, tourists have the most adventure and fun. This roller coaster ride through the high and low sands of the desert is full of twists, turns and surprise jumps. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to end up in a desert camp. There are a few short stops along the way where you can take pictures of the amazing views of the desert sun.

Camel ride:

The first ride on a camel. If you want to know how friendly this amazing desert animal is, you should give it a try. While riding on the back of a camel, you can see the golden sands of the desert from a new angle.


These ATVs allow you to see up close and personally the vivid beauty and tranquility of the Arabian desert. This is another fun thing in the desert. Travelers have to pay a small fee to try this new item. The important thing is that you don’t have to be a pro. First-graders can also ride a quad bike.

Sand boardings:

A short time spent on a solid sandboard is exciting and fun because you can test your ability to level desert sands. People who go on desert safaris usually don’t include it, so they have to pay extra.

Desert safari Cultural experiences

Some of the things that happen on a desert safari in Dubai are not so exciting to their ears. It is also a great way to learn about interesting Bedouin culture. You can do things like fake, smoke shisha , and have your henna tattooed (where an experienced henna artist will decorate your hands with beautiful designs). You can also take pictures with traditional Arabic clothes as souvenirs. It’s a free thing. But if you want to be photographed by a professional, you have to pay extra. In the end, we didn’t do it. However, with our smartphones, we took some great photos of ourselves in Abayas. You can also relax in a traditional-looking tent with empty furniture.

Barbecue and traditional show

Our desert food is truly a culinary adventure that seamlessly combines many different food flavors with the beauty and tranquility of the Arabian desert. The menu is large and tasty, from appetizers and soups to main courses and desserts. It also helps when you remember that the quality of your food depends on who you hire to help you.

During the trip to the desert, you will see many traditional films that will make you feel part of the culture and history. The artists from Tanoura are almost exhausted with their lighted costumes and dervish movements. Belly dancers, on the other hand, are beautiful and charming.

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