Connecting with a volunteer organization and contributing to the welfare of society while in India can be an eye-opening experience. Are you unsure where to begin? Here is a list of some best volunteer organizations in India that provide volunteer opportunities. 

Salaam Baalak Trust

The Salaam Baalak Trust, based in New Delhi’s Paharganj neighborhood, provides food, housing, and support to the city’s destitute street children. The organization also conducts a program called the City Walk Programme, which trains street youngsters to be tour guides. Besides that, one can volunteer to teach the kids, train them in different marketing tactics, or help with the healthcare program. People can even collaborate with the performing arts to assist children to develop their skills. However, this Volunteer organization is housed in low-cost flats provided by the charity. 

Seva Mandir

Seva Mandir, based in Udaipur, is dedicated to the development of rural Rajasthan. Rural healthcare, education, women’s empowerment, and youth development are all priorities for the organization. They operate several initiatives where you can contribute based on your talents and interests, such as conducting research and workshops, producing training modules, and assisting with everyday operations, to name a few. Additionally, one can stay in the supplied dorms and guest houses, but you must make your food arrangements. 

Volunteer Ladakh

If mountains are your happy spot, then must go to Ladakh, a stunning high-altitude mountain desert. Why not put your skills to good use while you’re here? Become a part of Volunteer Ladakh and contribute to the area’s long-term development and education. Here you can teach monks, children, and the elderly, as well as contribute to environmental protection. The Volunteer organization here is ideal from April through September. 

Human Wave

Human Wave is a Kolkata-based community development organization that runs a number of healthcare projects throughout West Bengal. They operate youth projects and volunteer programs in the Sundarbans, even in the state capital. You can remain for three months or volunteer for two weeks. Pay a little price for lodging and food to get started. However, this volunteer organization in India indulges itself in many activities and stuff.

Sadhana Forest

This group, based in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, strives to improve the environment and the lives of local villagers. Its main goal is to improve the environment, educate youngsters about it, and assist people in becoming self-sufficient by teaching them how to grow their food. You can interact personally with the villagers if you volunteer here. The organization provides a fascinating experience of living in the woods, as well as food and lodging. Sadhana Forest attracts visitors from all over the world.

The Final Word

Finally, you can expect spirituality, positivism, peace, and gratitude from the best volunteering organizations in India. Not only does your Instagram need a trip to India, but so does your soul! So break out of your comfort zone and join us in this wonderful adventure. Furthermore, explore India’s magnificent beauty and encounter moments you’ve never had before.

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