Appreciate the Entrancing Magnificence of the Desert with our Day Long Safari Visit

Our day-long safari visit remembers safaris for the desert, the mountains, and the channels of the area. Dubai is an extraordinary city.

The Hatta Mountains, a piece of the Hajar Mountain Reach, are the most memorable stop on our day-to-day venture from Dubai. To see the extreme mountain territory, evaporated riverbeds, and desert perspectives on Hatta Oman, you’ll need to remain in the Hajar Mountains on your safari. This is where you’ll be.

We’ll see three things as we clear our path through the Hatta Mountains: the Hatta Legacy Town, a fortress worked during the 1600s, and a mosque. This spot has been around for around 200 years now, and it is called Hatta Legacy Town. Subsequent to seeing a tad bit of Bedouin life very close, we’d stop for lunch.

Day Long Desert Safari Dubai

After lunch, you would go on a day-long Dubai desert safari visit in Dubai. You would go to the desert safari camp after that. Individuals who go on this safari get a decent glance at desert living and desert-based experience exercises, and they gain some significant knowledge about them. As the sun goes down, you’ll get to see the excellent nightfall and do fun desert-themed things like sandboarding and camel riding.

The Camel Safari Experience

The principal method for seeing the world’s greatest deserts was to ride on the rear of a Camel. Wheel slamming in the desert is something great to do in Dubai, however, riding on a Camel is a sluggish-paced and tranquil thing to do. They aren’t simply known as the “boat of the desert” for no great explanation. They stow away out on the rear of a Camel and have a superior perspective on their general surroundings.

A Camel can go to where vehicles can’t go. In Dubai, you additionally get to see the Camel Homestead and go to a camp where you can do things like Quad trekking and sand-skiing.

Dubai One Day Visit

Following a day of investigating the desert in Dubai, we’ll have a bar-b-que supper at the campground. You can watch nearby artists and pay attention to Bedouin music all the while. When the desert safari is finished, we will drive you back to your inn or home. To go on this safari visit, you should have your identification or UAE ID.

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Here are the fundamental subtleties connected with the day-long desert safari visits that we offer:


The Hatta Mountains and Al-Hebab sand rises in Dubai are the areas for this experience.


Visit length: 11-12 hours (entire day visit).

  Flight Recurrence:

This experience is everyday bases; consequently, the recurrence of takeoff is the day today

  Action Level:

A moderate degree of actual work


Vehicles for transportation: 4 by 4 SUVs Land Cruiser

  Get and Drop Timings:

Get and drop-off times are 8.30 pm – 9 pm and 9.30 pm – 10.30 pm, separately.

Visit Incorporations

  • We will get you and drop you off at your home or inn in Sharjah or Dubai.
  • In the Hatta tracks, you can drive.
  • An excursion to Hatta legacy town and a mountain safari.
  • We remained at the Hatta Fortress Lodging during our excursion.
  • Then, at that point, go to a close-by floor covering and ceramics market.
  • Freshwater pools for a cool shower.
  • Welcome to the desert safari. We’ll have Arabic tea or espresso at the pit fire.
  • Sand Skiing or Sand Boarding in the high red sand ridges is a pleasant method for going through the day.
  • There are quad bicycles to ride, an off-road vehicle, and liquor drinks (Discretionary)
  • Middle Easterner garments for photographs, henna workmanship, and camel riding.
  • Unquestionably the best-smelling Sheesha (Customary Bedouin Water Line)
  • If you have any desire to see Tanoura and hip twirl, you need to hold on until Ramadan to see them.
  • A camel ride through the high red sand ridges.
  • In Dubai, you can ride exciting drives and ridge slamming on the most lovely and tallest red sandhills.
  • You get limitless mineral water and sodas assuming you go on the visit.
  • A smorgasbord lunch and a bar-b-que supper with veggie lovers and non-vegan dishes are advertised.

To see the Hatta Mountains and the desert of Dubai from a higher place, book your Day Long Desert Safari Dubai visit now!

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