Choosing a dissertation Topics (or final year research project) topic can be tough; your dissertation is a significant piece of work that counts for a big number of credits on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programmed, so it’s critical to make the right choice. 

  Are you a student attempting to condense your thoughts into a single subject? Or are you simply making preparations for a future course? Discover our best ideas for choosing the right topic for you, no matter where you are in your educational path. 

 7 Reasons for Effective dissertation topics 


  1. Choose a topic that interests you.

 It will take you weeks or months to finish your dissertation or research assignment. As a result, it’s critical that you select a topic that interests you. Maybe you’ll come upon a topic that’s relevant to your profession? Perhaps a subject in another module on your course will pique your interest? In any case, trust us when we say that if you are passionate about the subject, you will find it much simpler to stay motivated for your dissertation. 


Choosing a subject that will help you in your future profession is something that our instructors at University of Essex Online strongly advise; it will offer you a better understanding of a specific aspect of your industry while also giving you a leg up when drafting a future job application statement. 


  1. Pick something unique.

It’s critical to pick a unique topic for your project or dissertation so that you may conduct your own research and draw your own findings. Finding a completely new research topic is difficult, but you could try approaching an area that has already been studied from a different angle. Perhaps you could come up with a novel idea based on a smaller issue that hasn’t been overly researched? 


  1. Don’t be too general.

A dissertation or research project must be a well-written piece of academic writing. Each sentence should contribute to the study or argument’s formulation, and the final piece should have a clear structure. Choosing an issue that is too wide may make it impossible to completely investigate the topic within the word count allotted, and drawing concise conclusions can be quite tough. 


  1. Don’t limit yourself too much.

While your teacher will advise you to be concise, your dissertation must nonetheless meet the word count requirements. You will struggle to elaborate on your arguments and make well-rounded conclusions if you focus on a topic or question that is too short or narrow. Similarly, don’t use a question that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” when you’re preparing your proposal. 


  1. Do some research!

Researching your subject is definitely the best way to ensure that you’re picking the proper one for you. Allow enough time before submitting your proposal to investigate the various areas of interest, and you’ll quickly discover whether there are enough resources available to allow you to expand on your ideas and support (or refute) your position. 


  1. Maintain objectivity

Early on in your research, it’s tempting to ‘fall in love’ with a topic or subject, blinding you to all of its flaws. As a result, it’s critical to be realistic about your idea’s potential and breadth. To make sure you’re not clinging to a bad concept, take a step back from your topic and examine it from an outsider’s perspective. You should still have plenty of time to select another topic if you’ve organized your calendar appropriately. 


  1. Consult your tutor for assistance.

Throughout the process of preparing your dissertation, your tutor serves as a mentor and adviser. They are available to assist you with any query you may have, large or small. When you’ve come up with an idea for your dissertation or project and done some preliminary research on your own, set aside some time to speak with your teacher and seek their assistance. Your tutor will have years of experience advising other students on their topic choices, so you may expect some excellent advice. 

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